Castlevania Season Two: Review

I recently finished Season Two of Castlevania, and wanted to share my thoughts of the second Season. (Minor Spoilers) PROS This season the show extended its episodes from four to eight episodes, which is great because audience will get more content. For me the star is for season two is Dracula. Going into Season Two […]

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DC Universe App: Review

Since its been 9 days after the launch of the DCU app. I wanted to do a review on the app for comic book fans or DC fans who are unsure about getting the app. So far I haven’t experienced any bugs, of technical problems with the app, like some have reported, after it was […]

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Batman Ninja : Review

NO SPOILERS Batman Ninja, is a Batman story that no Batman fan has ever seen before. Batman Ninja is a story that takes Batman and the Bat family back in time to Japan and battle Batman’s rogue gallery of villains to get back to modern Gotham city. Pros. The animation in Batman Ninja is gorgeous […]

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Batman and Harley Quinn Review

No Spoilers I was very exciting to hear Bruce Timm was revisiting his DCAU with Batman and Harley Quinn animated film. I am hoping this will be the first of many future DCAU films. Batman and Harley Quinn Though the trailer hints this film is going to have more of adult themes and play up […]

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