No Time to Die Gives us Plenty of Time Not to Die

The 5th and final outing of Daniel Craig’s James Bond series was released over the weekend in the US. This film wraps up this version of James Bond with 007 recruited by old fried Felix who needs his help which leads to trying to stop a global threat from new villain Safin played by Rami Malek. No Spoilers.

RoCapts87’s review published on Letterboxd:


Daniel Craig continues to make the case to be the best James Bond ever, he has the style, confidence, and license to kill that makes up James Bond. There’s a lot of fantastic action scenes and moments of how does James Bond gets out of this situation. The first act of the film will get audiences invest in the film.

The gorgeous Ana De Armas is a scene stealer as audiences can’t take their eyes off her as the CIA agent Paloma. The same can be said for Felix Leiter played by Jefferey Wright as one of Bond’s good friends and gambling buddies. Anytime Bond and Felix meet up with one another it’s like watching two best friends catching up with life. He’s another scene stealer in the film. Jeffery Wright and Daniel Craig have great chemistry on scene as it look like they probably had a lot of fun times off set.

Naomie Harris as Eve Moneypenny, and Ben Whishaw as Q was great to see again and their interaction with James Bond is another highlight moment from the film and the franchise.


4 writers wrote the script for No Time to Die. It’s very clear the writers didn’t communicate for the 3rd act of the film. The 3rd act in the film in my opinion falls apart. The writers didn’t know what to do with Rami Malek.

I am a fan of Rami Malek and Lashana Lynch but the writing for the film made them forgettable. I found Lea Seydoux annoying in the film as Madeleine. She wasn’t great in Spectre, and wasn’t good in this either. I would rather see more Ana De Armas in the film.The title No Time to Die made no sense, because he had a lot of time to die.


It’s better than Spectre, and has a lot of great action moments. It is sad to see Daniel Craig done as James Bond after this.

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