REVIEW: Superman and Lois Season 1 Finale

Superman and Lois season one finale takes place immediately after the cliffhanger from episode 14. The finale wraps this season up nicely with lots of action. MINOR SPOILERS


I really enjoyed the action, and I thought the CGI in the finale plus the entire was surprisingly great that I thought. I enjoyed Tyler Hoechlin portrayal as Superman and Clark Kent through out the season and the finale was no different. The series has done a great job with Superman center mythology. Superman is Superman incase fans are curious.

We see Adam Rayner’s Morgan Edge plan come fruition as the Eraticator and attemp to full-fill his fathers plan. I thought Morgan Edge was good created own villain for the series. As he shares a personal connection to Superman in the show.

Wole Parks as John Henry Irons has been a scene stealer since episode one. The writers did a great job writing the character. He gets some good action moments against the Kryptonians army. Elizabeth Tulloch has been great as Lois Lane and she’s no different in the finale.


The episode is jammed packed and no character is central in the finale. I’m not a fan of the Jordan Kent character. It looks like the anxiety and mental health story about him is dropped or ignored.

The Jordan and Jonathan storyline feels flat and repeating of a show like Supernatural. The show does have some of the CW flaws. I think the Superman suit is one of the worse muscle suits I’ve seen because the suit looks bigger than Tyler Hoechlin. Hopefully they changed that in season two.


The Last Son of Krpton season one finale episode does its best to wrap up season one. Lots of action and a surprise cliff hanger to lead into season two.

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