REVIEW: Masters of the Universe Revelations Part One

The premise of Kevin Smith’s Master of the Universe Revelations is that it’s supposed to be a sequel to the 80s series. Well it kinda is a sequel to He-Man Masters of the Universe, but the revelations part is that it does not center around He-Man or Adam. No the revelation is that it centers around Teela. Minor SPOILERS


I enjoyed the voice casting of Chris Wood as He-Man, Lena Headey as Evil-Lyn, Sarah Michelle Gellar as Teela and Alan Oppenheimer who is the OG voice of Skeletor but returns as Moss Man. Liam Cunningham as Duncan was great too. We do get surprise guest voices such as Kevin Conroy, Justin Long, Jason Mews, Phill LaMar, Alicia Silverstone, and many recognizable names.

The series did a great job with the voice casting to find the voice for the Master of the Universe characters. I thought the animation from Power House was beautifully done for the series. A few great action sequences from the animation especially in episode one and in episode five.


The biggest issue with the series is that it’s a watch bait. Everything that was market as a center He-Man story was a ruse to get fans or hardcore fans of the OG and 2000s series to watch this political correctness series.

The series does a lot of queerbaiting and focuses more on trying to be political correctness to gain positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, after episode one the rest of the episodes are boring with nothing cool or memorable. I’m not sure what Kevin Smith and his team is trying to accomplish other than upsetting the fan base.

Mark Hamil who voices Skelator was not a great casting choice because there’s to much Joker in his voice. I don’t know why they didn’t have OG Skelator Alan Oppenheimer to reprise his voicing role as the iconic villain. After hearing Tony Todd who voices creepy and intimidating Scare Grow he should’ve voiced Skeletor.

After episode one the next four episodes of part one feels like a brand new series that I don’t care for. The music score felt very flat and forgettable as well. Outside of Teela, Orko gets a lot of moments and A back story that I didn’t care for either because he was annoying in the OG series.


Despite the star casting voices, if you are expecting this series to be a He-Man vs Skeletor matured battle or a He-Man centric story like the past series you will be very disappointed as He-Man is literitly neutered for Teela and her lover Andra that you won’t care about. Don’t expect the series to be anything like Netflix’s Castlevania animated series because it’s not even close to be good.

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