REVIEW: Loki Episode Five

Episode five continues right where the mid credit scene left us off from episode four, with Loki waking up to a few variant of himself. One is special guest actor Richard E Grant who plays future Loki, The other is Kid Loki, Gator Loki, and Boastful Loki. MINOR SPOILERS


Richard E Grant Loki was my favorite of the many Loki’s we seen from the episode. He is a scene stealer especially towards the end of the episode by showcasing how powerful his allusions are. It was a glorious purpose for his variant. We get a few fun and surprising easter eggs. One is Thano’s helicopter from the classic comic book days, the other was a surprise from the Frog of Thunder.

I enjoyed watching all of the variant Loki’s who appeared and created a lot of God of Mischief moments from the episode. We learn a little more about the created world called the void the TVA created for the variants who created a nexus stream. We learn the variants who are sent to the void are not alone when they meet their fate from a cloud creature


I was disappointed we didn’t get a major reveal from this episode. It mightve been my expectations was to high.


Episode five is a good episode with a few fun Easter eggs and comedy moments. There is no mid or ending credit.

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