REVIEW: Loki Episode Four

Lots of huge surprises and revelations from Episode four. This episode continues immediately after episode three with Loki and Sylvie who are still stuck at Lamentis-1. MINOR SPOILERS


I thought Gugu Mbatha-Raw performance as Renslayer from TVA was outstanding. She’s been one of the best additions in the MCU in my opinion. Tom Hiddleston(Loki), and Owen Wilson(Mobius) chemistry was another highlight for me in the episode. Audiences will see how much the to want to trust each other and have each other’s back but they struggle to buy into one another because of who they are.

This episode will make audience think they know what will happen next but than pulls the rug under everyone and goes into a different direction than expected. I believe audiences will be happy with the revelations about the time keepers and will get confirmation about Salvie if she’s a variant to Loki.

I loved the music score by Natalie Holt in the entire series and it continues to be part of building up to big reveals in the episode. I get a Hildur Guonadottir vibe with her music score as it’s similar to Hildur’s Joker film score.

We get a surprise cameo appearance a character we haven’t seen in almost a decade in the MCU. It’s always fun when Feige pulls a surprise from an unexpected actor to reprised their role at random. We also get a well known actor who makes his MCU debut in a shocking revelation.


I wasn’t a fan of Loki falling in love with Salvie but I get it Loki is a narcissist and it makes sense guess.


Episode four titled Nexus Event is the best episode of the series, and has some of the best memorable moments in the series as well. This is a must watch episode because it changes everything for the better. There’s a mid credit scene audience must watch!

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