REVIEW: Superman and Lois Episode 8

Episode eight of Superman and Lois titled “Holding the Wrench,” follows the big reveal of who actor Wole Park is truely playing in the series from episode Seven “Man of Steel.” Lots of action and good moments from this episode. MINOR SPOILERS.


I thought this was the best episode for Jordan Elsass who plays Jonathan Kent. My favorite scene was the moment he shares with his mom Lois Lane played by Elizabeth Tulloch. Lois Lane and another surprise reveal that relates to Wole Parks character from his earth is an emotional one for the character.

I haven’t mention much of Emmanuelle Chrique as Lana Lang. She’s been very good playing the character and she reminds me of a older Kristin Kreuk Lana Lang but Lana who is protecting her family from Morgan Edge knows something isn’t right with the projects she’s been asked to work on.

We get plenty of action scenes with Superman. Some good action moments in the last 20 minutes was good. The CGI in this episode was well done. There’s some not surprising reveals from the military and Sam Lane who are prepared to fight Superman if he ever goes rogue.


As usual I didn’t care much about the side plot between Jordan Kent and Sarah Cushing. The pacing is a little slow in the episode.


The last three episode have been great episodes. The plot and reveals have is moving forward. Looking forward for next week episode.

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