REVIEW: Lucifer Season 5 Part 2

After almost a year the second part of Lucifer season five returns with eight new episodes to finish off season five, and will have people wondering where does the show go next after a lot of shocking surprises from the last three episodes of season five. MINOR SPOILERS


Tom Ellis continues to show how great of an actor he is with his performances of Lucifer and Michaels. He knows how to make audiences love him as Lucifer, but make you hate up with a passion as his twin brother Michaels. Dennis Haysbert who portrays our along awaited appearance of Lucifer’s father God. He played God with a presences on screen, and with a fun vibe to him.

I enjoyed the musical episode titled “Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam,” because it ties into how God likes to make an appearance, and moves the main plot to why God is here. We got two character centered episodes. The one I enjoyed was the Linda centered episode. Her centered episode tied up a few things with Linda, and her daughter, who she doesn’t have a relationship with.

Lots of easter eggs, or nods to past episodes as well as surprise appearances from past characters who make appearances to tie-up some lose ends. Episodes 14 to 16 of season five will be a roller coaster ride for the long time fans. I loved episode 14 titled “Nothing Last Forever,” because a lot of things get resolve for Lucifer and Amenadiel with their father. I think a lot of fans will be very happy with this episode. As for episodes 15 and 16 lotta of crazy things happened. Many ballys decisions will leave fans wondering what the writers have instore for season six which will be the finale season.

The highlight characters in the second part of season five, was Ella, Amenadiel, God, and Mazikeen.


It did not feel like the writers new what do with Dan Espinoza, or Chloe The Detective Bennet, and it show’d a lot in each episode. The Dan centric episode wasn’t good, because there was a lot of awkward and cringe moments in the episode. As well as bad acting in the episode.


The last eight episode of season five was great from the beginning to the end, with only one bad episode in my opinion. The show wraps up some of the loose ends and now we look forward to season six sometime next year.

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