REVIEW: Army of the Dead

Netflix’s Army of the Dead is the newest film by direct Zack Snyder. It stars Dave Batista, Ella Purnell, Ana De La Reguera, Hiroyuki Sanada, Theo Rossi, and Omar Hardwick. This is a Zombie heist horror film about a group of soldiers who are hired by a billionaire to get 200 million dollars out of his abandon casino from Los Vegas which is now run by Zombies. Zack Snyder describe the Army of the Dead as a spiritual sequel to his Dawn of the Dead remake. A spiritual sequel is something that expands from another pervious story.


I really enjoyed the entire cast from the movie. I though Dave Batista displayed a great performance playing Mercenary Scott Ward, who reunites his team for a heist of 200 million dollars from abandon casino. His character also has a friction relationship with his daughter played by Ella Purnell, who volunteers to help the many surviving victims of Las Vegas Zombie apocalypses. She crosses with her dad and the situation becomes challenging for Scott.

The cast of David Batista, Ana De La Reguera, Omar Hardwick, and Matthias Schwighofer was fantastic. I thought Matthias Schwighofer who plays Dieter the locksmith. I thought his chemsitry was great with Omar Hardwick.

Theo Rossi who plays a corrupt officer was great with the scenes he is in. I enjoyed the surprising opening scene which feels like something of of a George Romero’s Zombie sequel. The film had a lot of zombie action and action battles. The twist in the movie compared to other zombies is that there are certain type of zombies like the ones who are the zombie alphas of the zombie and are bitten by the zombie who is ground zero named Zeus.


Despite Zack Snyder assembling a great cast for a zombie movie. I thought the story was predicable, and some of the decisions the characters did made them look stupid doing it, when there was other options for them to do.

A lot of the jokes in the film was very flat, and shouldn’t haven been needed. I think the issues was someone wanted to do a dark comedy while someone in the writing room wanted a serious action packed zombie movie. Some of the scenes felt a little bit dragged and was not needed.

OVERALL 7.5/10

If you are looking for a good action pack zombie film this is it. Army of Dead is easily an action packed blockbuster with the use of zombies in it. When I heard Zack Snyder was back into directing a new zombie film, I knew it was going to be a good action horror film just like his Dawn of the Dead remake, because if you’ve watched Dawn of the Dead you know what your getting when Zack Snyder is directing another one. If you are look for a good action pack horror film this is yet.

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