REVIEW: Superman and Lois Episode 6

The CW’s Superman and Lois TV series returns with new episode every Tuesday night starting with episode six title “Broken Trust.” Episode six of Superman and Lois is off to a great start. Minor spoilers!


Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent is fantastic in the episode. Especially the scenes with his Boys Jonathan and Jordan. The series continues to make Superman/Clark Kent very connecting with the audience as a father who tries to be the best and supportive father he can be. Clark shares important advice and teaches Jordan how to manage/control his powers that was a huge highlight in the episode.

Superman gets a great scene that defines why we love the character and showcases how much of a good and patient man he is. Tyler Hoechlin in my opinion is the embodiment of Christopher Reeve’s Superman and Dean Cain’s Clark Kent. Audiences like myself are watching the best version of Superman and Clark Kent through Tyler Hoechlin’s performance.

Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane in my opinion has been the best version of Lois since Teri Hatcher and Margot Kidder. Elizabeth continues to show case the best qualities of Lois Lane in episode six. She’s a reporter who seeks the truth and will go to great length to find it but will do her home work on everyone she works with even with Marcus aka Captain Lex played by Wole Parks.

The episode does a good job with planting and building up to some of the big payoffs in the future episodes of the series. I’m enjoying the balancing family dynamics in the episode. We get a lot of great moments with Superman, Lois and their twin boys. This episode has Clark trying to figure out how he can get through to Jordan even though their situations are the similar when Clark was in high school, but Jordan handle his situation differently compare to Clark.

I thought Jonathan and Jordan was handle much better in this episode. We see the Jonathan taking a big brother role in looking out for Jordan because he can’t control his powers yet.


Some of the moments in the episode became very predictable with the villain bring in Lana’s daughter Sarah involved in the 3rd act with Superman. I’m still not a fan of the Friday night vibe with the high school stuff. It would be nice if Greg Berlanti and Geoff Johns would come up with something new instead recycling old ideas in their new series.

Overall: 8.5/10

Episode six did a great job with the character focus of Clark and Lois and balancing the scenes between them and their twin boys. There’s a great Superman scene in the episode and a great Clark Kent teaching moment to his boys.

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