REVIEW: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode 4

Episode four titled ” The whole world is watching,” should’ve been retitled “The whole world is talking,” because this episode will have people talking for the next six days until episode five is released next Friday. This episode tackles what Captain America means to our four main characters and how they struggle what Captain America means, and how Steve Rogers was able to carry those concepts. MINOR SPOILERS


Wyatt Russell who plays John Walker/ Fake Capt, I thought was great and didn’t have to do much for Marvel and comic book fans to hate him even more. I thought his transition into what we believe he will become in the future, after season one. I found it very surprising in the direction the story is taking his character. Sam Wilson played by Anthony Mackie was fantastic in this episode, because we see a lot of the traits he has and why Steve picked him as his successor to be the next Captain America.

His scene with Karli played by Erin Kelleyman was great because the two of them debated on their beliefs and Sam showcase how Captain America represents the people and would try to resolve the issues by finding common ground instead of going in guns blazing like John Walker has been doing since we’ve been introduce to him in episode one.

I thought it was great we finally see some of the blanks with Bucky and Ayo from Wakanda before the events of Infinity War. She was a huge influences in helping him get his mentally freedom back from the Winter Solider program and from Hydra who has controlled him for probably 70 plus years since Captain America The First Avenger. Ayo who is played by Florence Kasumba and Dora Milaje was a scene stealer from the episode and fans like myself loved every second of it.

The action and the story was very balanced out from this episode. Daniel Braun once again stole some of the scenes he shared with his charisma and style as Baron Zemo. Just about everyone shine in this episode and show case the struggles of the concepts of what Captain America means to each and every one of them.


I wasn’t a fan of how a character died to trigger what another character will do next, because audiences knew he was going to snap at some point, so the death shouldn’t have happen. It’s clear the death is to show how the US Government uses people to their means to an end.


This episode shows the difference between Steve Rogers and John Walker and why Dr. Erskine picked Steve Rogers, because he is not a perfect solider but a good man, and he will do what he believes is the right thing as the first super solider. This is why Steve picked Sam to be his successor because he is a good man and will be for the people like he was as Captain America. Episode four shows a lot of that and more that will remind people of what happen to George Floyd by police who abuse their power and how they lost the trust with the public. This episode is the best in the series by a million miles.

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