REVIEW: Superman and Lois Episode Five

After the past two meh episodes of Superman and Lois series. Episode five gets back to the core of the first two episodes. We get a lot of good Smallville stuff as the title of the episode called the “Best of Smallville.” This episode reveals a little bit of Captain Luther’s world he is from and how different it is.


The episode gets more in depth with Captain Luther and his old life from his now destroyed world and how it becomes more motivating to destroy Superman. Some fans had theories about his relationship with Lois from his world was true. We get some idea of what Morgan Edge is up too and why he is invested in Smallville. I enjoyed some of the backstory between Clark and his mother, and how it reminds him of some of the things he is dealing with his boys.

I really enjoyed Tyler Hoechlin’s Clark Kent because some of the mild mannered stuff he does feels more genuine to the real Clark Kent which is something we haven’t seen from the pervious actors who played Superman/Clark Kent. It is to early but I think his Clark Kent might be the best portrayal yet, but that will depend in future episodes and seasons.

The action in show continues to be the best part of the series when the cgi is not to recognizable. I love some of the Captain Luthor stuff in the series. Wole Parks is a scene stealer in the episode with his presences on screen. I can’t wait to see more of him in future episodes, and how he evolves as a character.


I am like both of the Kent boys, but they try to put to much of their story as an attempt to balance things out. some of the things the show tries to do could’ve been better in a focus story episode. Obviously the four key characters from the series is the Kent family but sometimes standalone episodes can better help develop a character.

The Lois Lane stuff felt very predictable and we see where it is going with her side story with Morgan Edge. I wasn’t crazy about the Lana and Kyle stuff as it feels like a different show. It does look like the show is setting up these two for a divorces with a love triangle between Clark, Lois and Lana which would be stupid of them to do.


Episode five was a good and it gets the show back on track after two meh episodes. The episode does a great job in keeping audiences engaged in see the next episode. The series is still looking for their voice hopefully the show finds it soon.

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