REVIEW: Superman and Lois Episode Four

Episode four introduces a few new villains, the Kent family making time for one another, and the continuation of Clark balancing his time between being a father and saving the world as Superman. Dylan Walsh as General Sam Lane was a center in this episode. MINOR SPOILERS


I liked a lot of the Sam Lane stuff from this episode, because here is a guy who is slowly not understanding the family life and continues to become more of a problem with the Kent family. General Lane continues to be diving into more of a villain instead of being part of a family with his daughter. He’s more about all business and ignores the important of family values with his grandchildren. Towards the end of the episode we get a good confrontation between Lois and her father which was executed good.

Superman’s new suit looks less padding in this episode. Tyler is definitely looking more like the Man of Steel. The effects and action scenes I thought was a lot better in this episode compared to the last episode. We get some solid Superman stuff in the episode. A lot of the good stuff I enjoyed from the episode came from the last ten minutes which will leave audiences still invested in the series.


I am still not liking Jordan doing the football thing as it is a Berlanti re-trind in many of his CW shows. I wasn’t a fan of the rip-off Killgrave villain that was introduced, it was a good excuse to give the audience some Superman moments.

OVERALL 6.5/10

I thought this episode was a little better than the previous episode. The last ten minutes of the episode will keep audience invested for episode five.

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