OPINION: The Falcon and The Winter Solider Series Trailer Breakdown

Of all of the Marvel Studio tv series coming from Disney Plus by Kevin Feige. The Falcon and The Winter Solider series is my most anticipated series from Disney Plus since it was announce a couple of years ago. To finally see the first official trailer and knowing it will be release on March 19th 2021 made my whole week. With everything we have gone through in 2020 and I am happy we get a little hope and optimism that is needed more than ever in the current world and The Falcon and The Winter is what we need to help get through this pandemic. Being a huge fan of the Ed Brubaker Captain America series which has the best Captain America story series and inspired the Chris Evans movie version of Captain America and to see his Winter Solider again in separate series with the Falcon is going to be fantastic.

My Trailer Breakdown Below

We don’t know how much time has past since End Game and when Steve gave Sam his Captain America shield. We do see in the trailer Sam does not have the shield with him when he meets Bucky Barnes. We see Sam Wilson who looks like he retired when Bucky meets up with him. This could trigger his own self doubts to become Captain America and probably he gave the shield the US Government, because we do not see him using the shield. As Sam says the legacy with the shield is complicated. We see our tease with US Agent played by Wyatt Russell who became the US Government hand pick as the new Captain America, and the return of Civil War villain Baron Zemo played by Daniel Bruhl.

We do see some of the buddy cop between Sam and Bucky like it was teased in the past from Kevin Feige. There’s a lot of hope and idealism in the trailer that audiences needs right now and this story fits with the current situation in the United States. We do see anarchy gangs or terrorist causing destruction. It is not clear in the trailer if they are working with Zemo.

The important thing I can take away from the trailer is that story is about the US Government who does not believe Sam Wilson is the right choice for becoming the next Captain America even though he was hand pick by Steve Rogers himself. They bring in their own manufactured person in US Agent who becomes their new Captain America for the world to see, and Sam goes through all sorts of challenges to overcome without having the super solider serum so he can prove he is the right heir for that shield. I really like the storyline they are going for Sam Wilson in the Falcon and Winter Solider series, because for Sam to become the new Captain America it needs to be earned than him being handed the shield that way audiences can accept him as the new Captain America.

I am very curious to know what story direction Bucky is in when we see him in the series, because we haven’t seen much of Bucky since Civil War just like Sam Wilson. Whatever story direction he is in it is very much under wraps at Marvel Studios. I am curious to know what Bucky has been up to since End Game. We do not see any Sharon Carter in the trailer so I am curious to see what role she plays into the Falcon and Winter Solider.

Overall I cannot wait to watch the series. I think Falcon and the Winter Solider might be the best out of all of the Marvel Studios to Disney Plus series that has been announced.

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