REVIEW: The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 3

The third episode continues immediately right after episode two of the Mandalorian season two. If audiences were mixed about episode two last week. Episode three picks up some of the main story and changes the pace to bring more excitement and a surprise legacy character apparences that fans will be excited to see in live action. MINOR SPOILERS


Episode three brings audiences back with some of the familiar elements as a reminder to audiences this is Star Wars. . I thought Bryce Dallas Howard did fantastic job with the episode and it is her second time directing a Mandalorian episode. The action in this episode continues to be fantastic. The episode shifts back a little bit on to the main story for this season. We learn some new information about the Mandalorians how many Mandalorian’s have different believes about taking of their helmet. This episode clarifies as to why Mondo/Din Djarin keeps his helmet on compared to other Mandalorian characters.

Episode three introduces audiences to another new planet and introduce more sea creatures and other creatures from this new world. There will be some geek out moments for Star Wars fans and confirmation about some character who might or might not make their apparences in this season. Jon Favreau who wrote this episode continues to show his love for Star Wars and how much care he presents to the franchise. I can’t find anything boring about this episode it was very entertaining and audiences will be excited for episode three.


We learn who Sasha Banks from WWE plays in the Mandalorian. I think some fans will be disappointed after the hype from Disney’s marketing department made it out she might be playing a legacy character from Rebels. Even thought its been three episodes and this is the eleventh chapter some of the same set is starting to get a little stale. Hopefully next episode things are changed up.


Episode three pacing moved a long nicely. This episode gets back to focus on the main plot for this season with a surprise apparences, references, and a surprise cameo.

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