REVIEW: The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 2

After a fantastic first episode with introduction to new characters, and a surprise tease of what to come in the near future from season two. The Mandalorian returns with a new adventure in their second episode of this season only on Disney Plus. NO SPOILERS


Peyton Reed who direct the first Antman film and his sequel Antman and the Wasp. Makes his Star Wars directing debut with the second episode. I thought he did a great job with how he brought the action from the second this episode starts. There is a lot of action from beginning to end, that Star Wars fans will not feel bored. Lots of fun baby Yoda moments between the Child and Mondo. I did enjoy some of the creepy horror moments from this episode. There is moments when audiences will wonder how does the Mandalorian figure out how to get out of some ugly situations. There is a few cool references that Star Wars fans will enjoy seeing or hearing in this episode. Visually the series continues to be on another level compared to other sci-fi series.


If you are expecting episode two to follow how episode one was. You will be disappointed. Episode two is very predictable episode or how the series has been set up after the previous episode highlight big story moments. Episode two has a lot of action to keep star wars fans entertain, but do not expect to take alot away from this episode to move forward with the main story plot.


Episode two of season two is not the worst episode of the Mandalorian series, but it is a very flat episode. Some fans will appreciate the great action scenes, baby Yoda moments, and some fans will feel disappointed after watching this episode after the season premiere episode last week.

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