REVIEW: The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 1

One of the bright spots of 2020 is that season two completed filming at the end of last year and The Mandalorian returned with season two today on schedule. Our favorite bounty hunter returns with Baby Yoda or is known as the child returns for new adventures in season two. If there is one series that can help get our minds off of the pandemic it is the season two premiere of Star Wars the Mandalorian. NO SPOILERS


Jon Favreau directs the season two premiere episode titled Chapter Nine. Jon vision for this episode is to present a Western sci-fi feel or tone. He did direct the movie Cowboys and Aliens but this time was a much better attempt of presenting a combination of a the western and sci-fi genre. I think he’s a big fan of Client Eastwood’s western movies because Mondo is like the quiet man who passes by a town and leaves after resolving conflict issues. This had a lot of that Client Eastwood western in this episode and it worked perfectly. Baby Yoda continues to steal some scenes that I am sure will be new memes on social media.

Ludwig Goransson’s music score continues to feel like you’re watching a Star Wars movie, because his score continues to make many scenes and moments in the episode much bigger, especially with our first introduction to Timothy Olymphant who is the guest star on this episode. He works really well with the western theme, and sharing screen time with Pedro Pascal’s Mondo. His character is kind of like sheriff who protects a small town of people. The episode is a western story disguise as a Star Wars story which is done perfectly than Favreau’s Cowboys and Aliens film.

We get a few surprises in the episode that will have fans very excited, and a surprise guest that will want you to see the next episode of The Mandalorian series. One thing that Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni has done with their Star Wars TV series is to continue to keep many surprises under wrap because of how easy it is for spoilers leak a head of time before the premiere of tv series or a movie.


There is nothing to really pick at with this episode. Episode one of season two does a great job at sucking you right back into the world of Star Wars, after the disaster sequel trilogy ended.


The Mandalorian continues to do what the sequel movies failed at. We get a lot of great action moments, introductions to new characters, seeing the expanded Star Wars world adding new things to the mythology instead of rewriting history. The Mandalorian brought a fantastic season two première episode, that fans and general audiences will want more of.

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