Wonder Woman 84 Trailer Two Reaction

The second trailer to the long awaited Wonder Woman 84 movie was finally release Saturday afternoon at DC Fandome. As readers can see above we get our full look of Kristen Wiig as Cheetah in her final form in Wonder Woman 84. The Wonder Woman sequel is schedule to come out October 4th 2020. No word if the movie will be delayed for a third or fourth time. Watch the second trailer below.

The Second trailer expands on some of the action from the first trailer. We see more of Wonder Woman swing off lightning bolts in the beginning of the trailer. Which is awesome! We see more Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord with his expanded scenes on how he can bring peoples heart desire base on the statue he discovered. Wonder Woman and Kristen Wiig’s Barbra/ Cheetah is heavily interested in learning what Maxwell Lord offer is believable. As we found out in the trailer that is obviously the case. We see Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor resurrected in the sequel, and Barbra gets her wish to be as strong and powerful as Wonder Woman.

We see back flashes of a younger Diana Prince in Themyscira competing in game trials. Lots of cool action points to show how awesome Wonder Woman is, but nothing from the second trailer really jumps out for me. Its great we finally see Cheetah as Cheetah which is the only thing that stands out from the trailer. The music score in the second trailer disappears and doesn’t help to sell the second trailer. I am not sure what happen to the Hans Zimmer score for the sequel. The score in the first trailer really help make the movie feels like a big scale. I am disappointed a little bit the second trailer as nothing really gets more excited for the movie. It feels like the second trailer is checking boxes than building excitement for this movie. Hopefully Warner Brothers does not push the movie back and we all get to enjoy it in October.

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