OPINION: How DC Comics Shake Up is a Great Thing

Last week Bleeding Cool reported a “bloodbath” of long time DC Comic book editors and management staff was let go. This includes DC’s Editor and Chief Bob Harras, DC’s Black Label Editor Mark Doyle and many other people from DC Comics management staff have been let go. Especially from the people who brought fans DC Direct or now called DC Collectable which is known for the DC’s toy line and statue is supposedly done. About 25% of DC comic book titles is cancelled, this includes Aquaman, Teen Titans, Young Justice, Hawkman, and even Suicide Squad title are cancelled with final issues released in November. It has yet to be reported what other issues will be cancelled yet. Even though it sucks this might be a great thing of DC Comics long term.

This shouldn’t be a shock for DC fans, because the writing has been on the wall since the summer of 2017 when AT&T bought Time Warners and all of their properties which includes TCM, TNT, THECW, Warner Brothers, DC Comics and many other well known properties. Not mention Dan Didio who’s been with DC since the early 2000’s was fired a few months ago. Anytime a new company buys a new company it is natural for the new company to layoff many of the long time employees in management positions, because the next regime wants their people who share their vision and they can trust.

Since DC announcement of the new 52 titles back in the Summer of 2011, that was suppose to relaunch their DCU with younger and edger superheroes such as Superman. The first five issues of the new 52 outside of the Batman and Bat Family titles did very well in the beginning of launch of the New 52. However many of the new 52 titles did not sustain long term success, which introduce DC You which did not work either, but when they did their DC Rebirth launch that was a success because it went back to something familiar with fans like bring back or emerging the New52 Superman and Pre52 Superman together with a new Superman mythology for the character. The rebirth introduce the Super Sons staring Damien Wayne and Jonathan Kent. Sadly DC allowed something that work an allow Brian Michael Bendis to mess it up during his run on Superman which has turned a lot of people off.

DC Fandome Poster. Art by Jim Lee

DC Comics under Dan Didio and the rest of the long time management who are now gone did not know what to do with Dwayne McDuffie’s created Milestone characters. They did give Static Shock a short title with the launch of the New52 and add him to the Teen Titans but they didn’t have anyone who is serious about writing good stories about the character or find Static’s voice. The last I read anything with Icon or any of the Milestone characters was when their co creator Dwayne McDuffie wrote the Justice League title back in 2007 to 2009. It disappointing that the old regime at DC put the Milestone characters on the shelf and not know what to do with them.

With the new regime or future management regime at DC with Jim Lee, I believe they will recognize that DC is sitting on potential successful characters with the Milestone characters and will do something with them to intergrade them with the DCU. Especially right now with the success of Black Panther in the movies, Luke Cage and Black Lightning from their tv series. Static Shocks animated series proved that their is a huge audiences for the Milestone characters they need to be present in the right way. With the DC Fandome event arriving this weekend, I think we might hear something about the Milestone characters future. Icon from the Milestone comics is featured front of the poster with Shazam, Batman, DR Manhattan, and Harley Quinn. Bleeding Cool already reported that DC is bring back the Milestone characters which is a smart move on their part.

Thankfully the bad idea of G5 is cancelled and they are moving forward with something else which is smart. I think the 5 generation would’ve been a huge turn off for fans. Jim Lee and the new regime are thinking about what the landscape for DC stories in 2021.Its clear in my opinion all of the writers and artist from DC are under the microscope. I would tell readers to follow Bleeding Cool for more updates on so called “bloodbath.” For now I would tell DC fans to enjoy DC Fandome it is obviously the future is bright at DC with new people with fresh ideas that I believe DC needed. They could not continue to think outside of the box and then do a soft reboot if their idea failed. That’s been the on going thing with DC within the last 18 years under Dan Didio and the old regime. Something needed to change an the new regime at WarnerMedia believes it is best to find fresh people with new ideas.

David Ridley is still planning to write his Batman story as a mini series. It will probably be Luke Fox as Batman like originally plan in the Batman title after Batman issue 100 for 5G, but that’s changed. New writers and artist coming in it will be refreshing to get creators who are hungry to tell their stories. With two interim DC Editor-Chief Michele Wells, and Marie Jarvins. It will be a fascinating 2021 to see what they bring. For those who are angry and upset about the AT&T’s bloodbath at DC Comics we’ve seen this before so many times in recent memory. Hopefully the changes at DC will shape a better future.

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