OPINION: Captain Marvel 2 Will Be A Much Better Movie

With the news in comic book movies being very slow since most announcements will not be release until the of August by DC at DC Fandome, and Marvel I am sure will have something big for announcements in the fall if Black Widow ever gets release and hopefully some kind of first trailer or teaser excitement for The Falcon and the Winter Solider series. Yesterday Marvel Studios their director whom will direct Captain Marvel 2. Nia DaCosta is best known as the director for the upcoming horror film Candyman movie staring Abdulla Al Yahya. She might not be a well known director yet but I believe her vision with writer Megan McDonell who was hired to write the Captain Marvel sequel back in January will present a much better movie than the first movie.


For many people who do not follow the behind the scenes stuff, when it comes to making movies. The first Captain Marvel movie had two directors and four writers to create Captain Marvel to life on the big screen. With that many people to make a movie creates a disaster to happen. Even tho the Captain Marvel was a financial success thinks to Marvel Studios marketing it to the general audiences that they needed to see this movie to understand what happens going into Avengers End Game. Which many people who I know who have seen Captain Marvel before End Game felt like they wasted time an money with Captain Marvel since she was only their for 12 minutes.

Many fans who I know who love the Marvel Studios movies felt betrayed with the first Captain Marvel movie, and not to mention Brie Larson has been unlikeable for a lot of comic book fans. I think it is smart by Kevin Feige to take their time with her sequel because Marvel Studios recognize that they cannot pull off the same trick twice with selling Captain Marvel 2. It is important that Kevin Feige gets to hire someone who wants to bring the best version of the character and have the director and writer to share the same story vision to make the sequel a lot better than her first movie.

I think it might be smart for Captain Marvel 2 should have one setting. In the first movie they split time in space and earth which in my opinion doesn’t help a movie to be good. Best example of Captain Marvel movie is the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern movie because both movies cannot decide to what place setting their sci-fi heroes should take place. The difference with Green Lantern is that the movie did not have any cinematic universe behind it for fans to be invested in going into Green Lantern movie.


Like Superman, Captain Marvel runs into the same problem with presenting a strong villain for her to overcome. Having a strong or charsmatic villain that can carry her sequel will help the movie a lot. Look at Michael B Jordan’s potrayl of Killmonger in Black Panther. His performance carried the movie a lot and why it was critical positive and financial success. Captain Marvel needs a villain that will be a trillion times stronger than her. The first villain I think of is Galactus. Having Galactus known as the god who eats planets as her villain will get many comic book fans and general audiences invested in her sequel. I do understand he should be used as The Avengers villain in one of their next crossover movies, but Marvel Studios needs something bigger to attract fans to run back to a Captain Marvel movie. Announcing Galactus as her big villain for her sequel will make her sequel more anticipated. If they added other Marvel heroes to make their debut in her movie, it will not work because that was done with Captain America Civil War with Spider-Man and Black Panther’s debut in the MCU. Who ever they through in her sequel instead of thinking of a bigger villain like Galactus who is the perfect main villain for her sequel will get asses to seats.


Captain Marvel sequel can easily be the perfect opportunity to introduce the X-Men world into the MCU. Teasing mutants and maybe one or two popular character from the X-Men mythology like a Mystique, Apocalypse, Beast, a young Rouge or other well known character who plays a key part in the Captain Marvel 2 will get the general audiences attract to go see her sequel. Captain Marvel will never be as popular as Iron Man’s Robert Downey Jr. No one in Marvel Studios has that swigger like Robert Downy Jr. Brie Larson is a very good actress I want her to be Brie Larson on the big screen not a Robert Downey Jr because nobody has that polarizing charismatic to grab every audiences attention the way he did in the MCU.


I think that Marvel Studios who are hiring one writer and one director for the Captain Marvel sequel. Is a great direction because having to many creative people for one movie will hurt a movie to succeed. They hired Megan McDonnell to write the script back in January. It is very clear the script is almost complete because they hire their director as the next stage so Marvel Studios is close to going into pre production and they must like what Megan McDonnel is writing for her sequel. Megan did write the WandaVision series so Kevin Feige and her must’ve really connected during their work on Wandavision series. I am excited to see Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel sequel and hopefully the movie will be presented a lot better than her first movie.

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