DC’S Stargirl Pilot TV Review

The long awaited TV series Stargirl is produce, and create by one of DC Comics great writers Geoff Johns who is best known for his Hal Jordan Green Lanter run, 2003 Teen Titans, The Flash, JSA and so much more. Has finally brought his long awaited character to small screen with the JSA.

Stargirl starring Brec Bassinger as the lead protagonist Stargirl/Courtney Whitmore. She is the third actress to portray Stargirl on TV. In my opinion this will be the best presentation of Stargirl on TV. The series also stars Luke Wilson as Pat Dugan/STRIPE, Amy Smart as Barbara Whitmore, and Yvette Monreal(Rambo Last Blood) as Wildcat.


The first thing that stands out is how balance the show is from dark to light moments. The episode starts with an action scene to get the audiences attention. Lots of Easter eggs of your favorite original Justice Society America heroes. We get a few nods related to Geoff Johns late sister in the pilot episode. Brec Bassinger and Luke Wilson are the standouts from the pilot episode. The step dad and step daughter relationship is executed very well here. You want to root for Pat Dugan since he’s the most good guy/person who does the right thing.

I think fans will enjoy the villains like I did. I really like Brainwave played by Christopher James Baker who is an unknown actor. He has charisma and a presence about him as Brainwave. Neil Jackson who plays another villain name Icicle has that threat presence like Brainwave who works great for the series.

as that threat presence like Brainwave who works great for the series. Stargirl like many of the past DCU streaming tv series is a full on comic book series that doesn’t hold back. Even though it’s airing on The CW it doesn’t feel like a CW Berlanti series thank god!I really enjoyed the cgi action fights. They were done very well for a tv series. Espically the opening of the series.


There is a lot of cringing moments in the pilot episode that will turn people off. One moment that stood out is a sad moment but tries to be funny but comes off horrendous. Many characters are played by a lot of unknown actors. A lot of them come off bad in their performances because they know they are in a comic book series, an put on their best Batman 66 campy you know I will become a villain in this show is awful. I think Stargirl is trying to recreate what the 50s era once was in a modern time and it’s not executed well at all.

There is a lot of bad mean girl movie moments that feels like a bad parody of the actual movie. It’s mostly a blend of bad writing and bad acting. Im not sure if Geoff Johns remembers how to write teenagers in high school. The pilot tries to squeeze many people who will be hero’s or villain in future episodes. It’s very clear a lot of scenes or dialogue was change to fit for a CW series when comparing to all of the new DC series on the streaming service app.

Overall 7/10

I did enjoy watching the pilot episode and it’s entertaining. I am a fan of the Wilson brothers and Luke Wilson was very good along with Brec Bassinger as Stargirl and STRIPE. This will be the most DC show because DC Comics has always been about legacy, and will be seeing lot of legacy or legend JSA characters passing the torch to the next generation of JSA heroes and their rival villains.

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