My Thoughts on the new Batman Suit

Yesterday evening The Batman director Matt Reeves broke the internet by releasing an official test footage of the world’s first look of Robert Pattinson in the Batman suit from his Twitter account. Well only a tease of him in the suit but not the entire look of him as Batman.


Before I breakdown the bat suit. I wanted to talk about how much I love the Batman theme music by composer Michael Giacchino. For a 40 second test footage, Michael’s Batman score sounds very powerful, and made the reveal a trillion times epic for the first look of Robert Pattinson’s Batman reveal. Michael Giacchino score sounds like Matt Reeves Batman will be very angry and suffers a great deal of pain from helplessly watching his parents get gun down in cold blood when he was 8 years old. Like Hans Zimmer The Dark Knight trilogy score telld Bat fans we are in for show.

The music score to a movie is very important, because it helps a movie to become successful by the audience who are watching it. Michael Giacchino’s score for The Batman movie in my opinion confirms to feel like this will be on a big epic scale as any Batman movie should be. I can’t wait to hear the theme scores Michael Giacchino has instore for Selina Kyle, Edward Nashton, and Oz Cobblepot’s first introductions in the movie.


High resolution, and clear image from the offical test footage released to the public from social media from Matt Reeves Batman. Staring Robert Pattinson as Batman.

I love the new Bat symbol on his chest. It reminds me of the Titans Robin suit, because when Brenton Thwaites Dick Grayson press down on the R symbol from his chest. The R pops out as ninja R stars he can throw from. It looks like the Bat symbol might do the same. Many fans are speculating that it’s the murder weapon by Joe Chill used to kill his parents with. In Detetive Comics issue 1000 we see Bruce turn the gun into the Bat symbol for his first suit. That might be a possibly but regardless I love that the bat symbol is a call back to Batman’s first appearance in Detective Comics issue 27.

What is confirmed from rumors base on the official test footage revealed by Matt Reeves. Is that his Batman movie suit will be hand made and put together. It does not look like a full body armored suit we’ve seen in The Dark Knight trilogy, Batman v. Superman movie and in Warner Brothers Justice League movie. Its not a full rubber suit either from the Burton and Schumacher Batman movies. The suit has armor plates to protect the interior fabric parts of the suit so Batman can move a lot faster and be flexible. This Batman will be doing a lot of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu so the suit needs to be fast and flexible for him to execute his fighting style perfectly. I love how his cowl looks like it will have a leather stich to it base on looking at half of the cowl presented in the footage.

It looks like Matt Reeves and costume designer Jacqueline Durran who was the costume designer for 1917 and Little Women film, are taking inspiration from a variety of different Batman suits in all mediums. My first thought of the suit it will take inspiration from is the Batman Telltales video games.

Batman Telltale games. Enemy with In

The Batman Telltale games feature a young Batman who’s inexperience, and is fighting to take back Gotham through his detective, and combat skills. His suit in this video games looks put together with armored plates attached piece by piece for Batman to move quickly. The next inspiration for this Batman I believe they used for the cowl came from to different Batman comic book stories from Batman Earth One by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank. The other from Batman White Knight writer/artist Sean Murphy.

Batman Earth One, Volume One art by Gary Frank.

Like Matt Reeves bat cowl, the earth one cowl was hand made stitch leather put together. If you enhance the picture from the test footage above you can see stitching outline from the nose part of the Bat cowl. Something about the Bat cowl makes me believe the ears will be shorter an similar to Sean Murphy’s Batman White Knight story or Adam West Batman cowl.

Sean Murphy’s Batman White Knight

As you can see from the above images Sean Murphy’s Batman has a small collar but is similar to Matt Reeves and Jacqueline Durran’s Batman movie suit from the test footage. As I said there is a little inspiration drawn to the late great Adam West Batman’s cowl that presented some stitching to the face of his cowl. Matt Reeves has shown a lot of love and appreciation to the classic Batman 66 tv series. I believe some of the costume looks for his movie will draw comparison to the Batman 66 tv series, because Jacqueline Durran is known to design era movie costumes. There’s rumors that Matt Reeves Batman movie will take place between 1998 and 2005.


This is only a test footage of the Batman suit from Matt Reeves movie, so something’s might be tinker with before we see the official and final look of Robert Pattinson in the Batman suit. It was nice enough from Matt Reeves to give bat fans a first tease of his Batman suit. In my opinion the suit looks fantastic and the suit needs to standout from past Batman movies and tv suits. I love that we will be seeing a handmade bat suit for the first time since Batman 66 ended it’s TV run in 1968. Most of the Batman filming is rumored to be filmed inside warehouse studios so I do not believe anything would get leaked out, because if that was the case Matt Reeves would give an official full look of his Batman suit instead of a small tease or glimpse.

Obviously more teases are to come through out 2020 from director Matt Reeves. As a long time Batman fan I am excited to see what else he has in-store for his Batman movie. We are only shown a tease for what’s to come on Friday June 25th 2021. For those who are not feeling it or it’s not your Batman suit you in vision. I would say wait for the Bat suit to be in action from the movie an then form a final opinion of it. I remember the up roar over the first teaser image of Heath Ledger as the Joker in Nolans The Dark Knight movie. Fans were complaining about why isn’t he bleached white like Jack Nicholson’s Joker and why does he have scars on his face an wears war paint. All of the complains went away when we watch Heaths Joker in action and his performance he gave to the audiences. I’m sure Robert Pattinson who has the same work ethic as Ledger did is going to blow those fans away. June 25th 2021 cannot come soon enough.

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