The Mandalorian Season One: TV Review

Now that season one is over, and I was rewatching the entire Season one of The Mandalorian over again during the Holiday break, before writing my official review of the first season. I have been Star Wars out since The Last Jedi came out but that has changed when The Mandalorian series came out last year and reminded me about why I love Star Wars.


One of the many things I have enjoyed from The Mandalorian series is how Jon Favreau, and David Filoni takes familiar elements from the original trilogy that the original trilogy didn’t have time to explore. Like exploring more about the Jawas, Sand People, and the IG models. Using the events of the original and prequel trilogy help introduce new characters that shares a connection to the events of the original, or the prequel trilogies that made the characters who they are such as The Mandalorian, Cara Dune, Greef Karga, Kuiil, and Moff Gideon. With the fall of the Empire and the rise of the Empire made these characters who they are an what they represent.

I my opinion it was brilliant decision to take something loved and pre existing and create something new with it without creating controversies or destroying a legacy that the legacy characters made in the original and prequel trilogy that are hold dear to fans.

I really enjoyed a lot of the earned fan service moment’s in The Mandalorian. It never felt forced and was naturally build up and fit perfectly with the story Favreau wanted to tell. Not making the series about Boba Fett and instead introduce a new character who comes from a familiar Mandalorian world like Boba Fett was a smart decision by Jon Favreau. Instead using legacy characters Favreau and Filoni visually recreate pre existing familar looking characters like Boba Fett and Yoda that had a big fan base drew many star wars fans attention to watch the series. This was smart choice without ruining established legacy characters from the original and prequel trilogies.

Episodes one through four, with episode seven and eight are the best from season one. Each episode expands on things we’ve seen in the background of the original trilogy, and adding established cultures like The Mandalorian culture and add new elements to it. The series did a great job taking pre existing establishments from Star Wars and the iconic geographic locations by adding new layers.


Episode five was the most weak episode from season one because it did slow down the story progression, and some of the cheesy dialogue, and a loose end that did not payoff in season one. Episode five did have some nice fan service moments but the cheesy dialogue and under perform acting by actor Jake Cannavale. Episode six had a lot of great action moments and I understand being a bounty hunter you need to do jobs to make money but the story for episode six felt lost in everything the series was going in the first four episodes.


Going forward the success for Star Wars is on TV from Disney Plus. The movies need to have a five to ten year break to reset the fan base excitement, after the controversial sequel trilogy series that was never needed since Disney and Lucasfilms had no plan set for the sequel trilogy films from the beginning. The Mandalorian series has rejuvenate my excitement for Star Wars again. It has me looking forward to season two, and the Obi Wan tv series by director Deborah Chow who was fantastic in directing the best action from the Mandalorian series in episode three and seven. “This is the way!”

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