Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker: Movie Review

With Disney advertisement selling The Rise of Skywalker being the final chapter for the Skywalker saga. Even though episode eight quietly ended the Skywalker Saga, because there wasn’t a set up for episode nine by Rian Johnson to leave with for the next creators, and how it presented Luke Skywalker’s return since the original trilogy. Episode nine is a giant challenge for any film creator or writer like JJ Abrams and Chris Terrio to figure out because of how episode eight did not set anything up to start with. No Spoilers


Lots of fan service moments I think audiences will enjoy. Lots of good visual battles and light saber fights between Ben Solo and Rey. Billy Dee Williams returns as Lando Calrissan will please fans who’ve been waiting to see him return in the sequel trilogy. There’s a lot of action and some fun comedy moments that fans will find entertaining. Some surprising appearances will please long time fans who takes one final bow in the final episode.


Like other critics have said there’s no explanation of how Palpatine is still alive after Return of the Jedi. The writing is indeed a mess and it’s because Abrams tries to put in a lot to please fans, since he didn’t direct or write episode eight. The ending and other moments in the movie will upset fans just like the critics. We do get some cringing moments and some jokes that do not work at all.

I’ve enjoyed Rey but the movie should have been called The Mary Sue Rises, because she has always presented as the perfect character in the sequel trilogy. The character never has flaws and never over came any obstacles/challenges the way Luke Skywalker did in the original trilogy to win over fans. I have nothing against Daisy Ridley she is doing what she is being told by the film creators and Kathleen Kennedy behind the scenes. It’s on them with how they presented the legacy characters, Rey, Finn, and Po Damerian. Force Awakens had good starting points for the three main characters but failed with a consisted story directon. Palpatine is back because Disney had no storied direction an are desperate to make another billion dollars.


The Rise of Skywalker is a theme park movie, I think most fans will enjoy this train wreck, especially if you hated The Last Jedi. I don’t blame Abrams and Chris Terrio for this giant mess, because there was no story direction for the whole sequel trilogy and all of the blame goes to Kathleen Kennedy who is responsible for this train wreck sequel trilogy. Rian Johnson did not set up something for episode nine to continue which is why it’s difficult for anyone to come up with a good story and to tie the entire saga together in episode nine. In stead of a good storied sequel trilogy we get two film creators bashing each other’s direction in episode eight and nine with the fans like myself ripped off and will never get our money back.

In my opinion Disney needs to have Kathleen Kennedy step down as the control creator of all Star Wars, and bring in someone who is passionate about the franchise, and has better vision on how to balance the old and introduce something new that everyone can enjoy. For now hopefully we do not see another Star Wars again in theaters in about five or ten years. I highly recommend Star Wars fans to watch The Mandalorian because it’s a series every Star Wars fans is enjoying currently. Plus will be getting more Star Wars series on Disney plus which is a smart direction to go with for now.