My thoughts: WW84 Trailer

The long waited Wonder Woman 84 trailer was finally released yesterday evening at atlantic eastern time, and it’s everything you would hope for and more. I have a lot to talk about from her first sequel trailer. Check out the trailer below.

My Thoughts (Potential Spoilers)

First off Hans Zimmer knocks it out with the music score again for Wonder Woman. I know he didn’t do the music score for the first movie but he is the one who hit all the right beats for her music theme when she made her movie debut in Batman V. Superman Dawn of Justice. He continues the great momentum by creating possibly another big comic book movie score soundtrack for Wonder Woman with her sequel film.

The movie score is one of the most important thing for a first trailer and Hans Zimmer once again makes Wonder Woman 84 feel like it’s going to be something special and on a giant scale with the stakes feeling bigger and better than her first movie.

The tone of WW84 is that it will be very colorful and a 80s retro. The music score as I praised by Hans Zimmer creates a score that will feel something made for the 80s. We see a lot of fantastic action scenes showing how amazing and how different Wonder Woman fighting style is when you compare her to other superheroes and how they fight. Wonder Woman is a warrior and we get a lot of that from her first trailer when fighting the bad guys.

We get what I think is our first hint of her invisible jet from the comic books. That is when she is using her lasso towards the bright skies, and a shot inside the cockpit with Steve gazing at the fire works while they are possibly flying through or pass them in the skies.

Now I’m going in what I think is big spoiler territory with the trailer giving our first reveal of how Steve Trevor played by Chris Pine is resurrected. Spoilers

The trailer in my opinion present the first story point is that Pedro Pascal who plays Maxwell Lord discovers a magic artifact. We seen a shot of a helicopter flying over an ancient ruins and a shot of him holding an artificat while narrating in the trailer that he can brings someone’s heart desires to come true. Diana listens to what Maxwell Lord is selling over the tv from either her home or else where. I think Maxwell is offering millionaires and billionaires something that money can’t buy them.

We see Diana brings a watch that was own by Steve Trevor with her to Maxwell Lord’s function party, and we jump to Steve Trevor getting resurrected some how at the function party. So we now have our first mystery reveal of how Steve Trevor is resurrected for the sequel.

The question I have is how powerful is the artifact, because we see Maxwell Lord using it for something else, maybe to become more powerful, and that brings Wonder Woman in on trying to stop him. I really enjoyed seeing Wonder Woman in the Kingdom Come armor from that story in the movie.

I think this movie we will see Wonder Woman in a conflict situation, because her heart desire is to have Steve Trevor back a live because she did not learn how to move forward with her life because she didn’t get closer in her first movie when he sacrificed himself. I think the difficult choice is that if she stops Maxwell Lord and destroys the artifact he possesses she loses Steve Trevor again, but this time she gets the closer she needs from him to move forward and to let go of the past.

We get our first look at Kristen Wigg who will be playing Cheetah but goes by Barbara Ann Minerva in the movie. The trailer does not show Kristen in action as Cheetah. That can be concerning as to how she will appear on screen. We’ve seen promoting images of what cheetah will look like which is disappointing if that’s her final look. Hopefully the 2nd trailer we get our first look at Cheetah. I think it’s clear, base from the first trailer, that Maxwell Lord is the main villain in Wonder Woman 84.

Wonder Woman 84 is probably trending number 1 in the world with the money shot of Wonder Woman swinging off of lightning bolts. Wonder Woman 84 is set to be release June 5th 2020