The Mandalorian: TV Pilot Review

The Mandalorian logo.jpg

Disney Plus was finally launch last Tuesday November 12th 2019. With the launch Disney released the first episode of the highly anticipated first live action Star Wars tv series on their highly anticipated streaming service. If you’re still bitter on Star Wars because of Last Jedi you’re missing out on something special with the Mandalorian created by long time Star Wars fan director/ actor Jon Favreau. (NO SPOILERS)


What I am enjoying about Mandalorian is that it is a fresh story in a star wars universe, that is self contain but has familiar surroundings from the original trilogy and Rogue One. The opening of the pilot episode sets the tone as this is a serious Star Wars show or story with none of the slap stick or tongue and cheek sense of humor we’ve seen in the sequel trilogy and Solo. The Manadalorian is a western tale in space and it is perfectly executed for fans to enjoy. The series star Pedro Pascal as Dyn Jarren who is part of the Manadlorian Bounty Hunter tribe. I am a fan of Clint Eastwood’s western movies as the lone gunmen who walks into the next town to raise hell. The series draws heavily inspiration from Clint Eastwood’s western movies. We learn a little bit about his character and the world he comes from. The pilot episode displays some of the life styles bounty hunters live with.

The Mandalorian does expand on things we’ve seen briefly in the original trilogy series. The expanding things we see from the original trilogy in the Mandalorian feels fresh and exciting to watch. The first episode has a lot of action from the get go to draw interest for audiences to continue watch. We do meet a few new characters in the world post empire/ Darth Vader ruling. There are some cool cameos in the pilot episode that fans can catch a quick glimpse movie. The ending of the pilot sets up what I believe to be the main story point for this series.


Unfortunately the series will not be an hour long. The pilot episode was 39 minutes long, and the future episodes will be 30 minutes long every Friday with a new episode. The one con I found is that I think Disney wanted the main character to be a fully good guy with morals. Pedro Pascal’s Manadalorian character doesn’t seem like he has some grey in him. It is only the con I have from the Manadalorian series.


The Mandalorian will make you love Star Wars again if you had issues with Last Jedi. Jon Favreau accomplish his mission in making a series for the older star wars fans who love the original trilogy. If you are not watching this series you should, because episode two already drop yesterday.

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