HBO’S Watchmen Pilot: TV Review

HBO’s most anticipated new series Watchmen developed by David Lindelof premired on Sunday night. Watchmen is created and based by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons comic book story. How does the sequel or remixed series treats one of the most beloved comic book stories of all time by David Lindelof? (Minor Spoilers)


As a fan of the graphic novel and Snyder’s movie. David Lindelof does a fantastic job world building on something Watchemen fans will be familiar with. By adding new layers and a new mystery to the Watchmen world. The pilot episode does a great job explaining the rules in this alternate world in 2019.

Vigilaties are outlawed and police law enforcement operates very differently by using code names, wearing costumes and masks in order to protect themselves and their families especially in Tulsa Oklahoma. Think of this as vigilantes are now working within the law and government instead of operating on their own.

Like the graphic novel who used the Cold War and the Vietnam political issues in 80s. Lindelof’s Watchmen series uses our current issue in our country and world involving racism and hated towards one another as the main story point for his series. Using the Tulsa Race Massacare of 1921 as the prologue or intro to helps audience understand what the polital issues will be centered in the series.

I enjoyed Regina King performance in the pilot as Angela Abar who is a Tulsa Police Officer and goes by Sister Night when she’s on police duty. We see she tries to live a normal life with her husband and family but when duty calls audience will see how quickly she is will to do her duty and protect the people she cares about on duty.

The Tulsa Police operates very Nite Owl like which is one of the many nods in the pilot episode. We see some of his equipment is used for inspiration by the police. We meet Police Cheif Judd Crawford who has a bit of a Comedian vibe to him. He’s played by Don Johnson and we see the amount of pilot is focus on his narrative. Audiences will see there’s a mystery vibe with Judd Crawford that’s planted in the pilot episode.

Watchmen fans will get a lot of nods and small cameos from the pilot episode to the original Watchmen story and characters. Especially a scene involving the Squid attack actually worked for Ozymandias plan that was reveal in the conclusion to Moore’s Watchmen series to end the Cold War.


Like most pilots Watchmen tries to give you a little bit of everything at once. The positive momentum the pilot episode we see is when the narrative is focus on Angela Abar and Chief Judd Crawford, because we are introduced to a mystery in a familiar but new establish world 34 years after the events of Moore’s Watchmen story. When the pilot focus on old man Ozymandias played by Jeremy Irons.

Audiences can easily get confuse or taken out of the pilot as to how does this part ties into what’s already presented in the pilot. Ozymandias shares a few awkward scenes with his maid and butler who are meant to feel out of place, and with no payoff to it. It could’ve waited for the second episode that can be centered focus around oldman Ozymandias. I do believe Ozymandias was not needed in the pilot, because there’s no payoff for audience to feel invested in that story yet because of everything else presented in the pilot.

We are introduce to the White Supremacy Group known as the Seventh Carvery. Little is know about them and they serve as back drop at the moment in the pilot episode. They are inspired by Rorschach in using his mask as hatred and they use some of his quotes from his journal in the original Watchmen series. With little is known about them or their leader and why they are inspired by Rorschach makes you care less about them and are used ro served as action points in the pilot.

OVERALL: 7.5/10

David Lindelof’s Watchmen sequel story does indeed respect the Alan Moore’s Watchmen story. Lindelof uses the original story as the foundation to add a new story with a new mystery, and the consequences 34 years after the events of Ozzymandias plan, and Rorschach journal never making it into the media and is used for someone’s hatred agenda and how they are impacting in 2019.

In my opinion this is only the tip of what David Lindelof has plan for his Watchmen sequel story and with each new episode audience will see fleshed out.

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