My Thoughts: Catwoman and The Riddler Casting!

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During the past week Warner Brother’s announced made it official that Matt Reeve’s has found his Selina Kyle/Catwoman for his Batman movie. Catwoman will be played by actress Zoe Kravitz. She is the step daughter to Aquaman’s Jason Momoa. Not only is she cast as Catwoman, but it was announce the same week that the Riddler/ Edward Nigma is cast by an unknown actor name Paul Dano who is known from a lot of independent movies and small roles.


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First off this is a great casting choice. She embodies a lot of the Selina Kyle look from Batman Year One and Batman Hush comic book stories. You can find her recent performance role in Big Little Lies, and she is currently working on Fantastic Beast three. Surprisingly she voice Catwoman in the Batman Lego movie a few years ago. So she already has an idea about how to present Catwoman’s voice. It was rumored that Matt Reeves wanted an actress like Zoe Kravtiz for the role of Catwoman but with her commitment to Fantastic Beast three, Big Little Lies, and other file roles she committed to. It seem unlikely she could fit Catwoman into her busy schedule. Some how that is not true since she will be playing Catwoman in The Batman movie. I think this was a great casting choice for Catwoman. Zoe looks embodies Selina’s look from Batman Year One and Batman Hush comic book stories.


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With Jonah Hill who is reported out of The Batman movie it was announced sometime after that actor Paul Dano is cast as the Riddler. I am not familiar with the actor’s work as he has done a lot of Indy movies and in small tv roles. He does have a weird look that matches the envision for Edward Nigma, or Edward Nashton according to what Matt Reeves twitter page is calling him as, when he announce the casting. I find it very telling that he is called Edward Nashton which is another last name use in the comic books pre Crisis days for the Riddler.

My Thoughts

From what I can tell from both casting announcements is that Matt Reeves wants real actors who are talented and can disappear in their film roles to bring their characters to life. So far the casting in my opinion is shaping up to be great. With rumors that The Batman movie will take inspiration from Batman Long Halloween. I wonder if Catwoman When in Rome story that ties in to Long Halloween and Dark Victory is also inspired for The Batman movie, but specifically for Catwoman and the Riddler. The Riddler is heavily featured in Catwoman When in Rome as the two are working together but later it’s revealed Riddler is using Catwoman. It is a Catwoman story and I believe both characters will play important to the story that Matt Reeve’s wants to tell in his Noir detective Batman story.

With Matt Reeves announcing Paul Dano as Edward Nashton and not calling him The Riddler are we going to watch a subplot origin story of the Riddler? This is supposedly a story about a detective conspiracy thriller which would explain why the Riddler is in this movie. Part of his obsession is that he wants to be smarter than Batman. It is possible the Riddler could potentally be the big bad for Robert Pattinson’s Batman movie. We know there is supposedly five to eight Batman villains in the movie. I think with the announcement of the first two villains can be very telling as to who will have a lot of screen time. It would not suprise me if part of Matt Reeve’s Batman also takes inspiration to Geoff John’s Batman Earth One graphic Novel as they do present a noir take with a younger Batman who is still learning who to be a great hero and dark detective. In Volume two we get a Riddler story and we see our younger Batman learning how to be the dark detective he becomes when trying to stop the Riddler and his first run in with Selina Kyle and the birth of Two-Face who is rumored to be in The Batman movie. The original script or story with Ben Affleck and was co written with Geoff Johns who is currently finishing up his 3rd volume of Batman Earth One. It is possible Matt Reeves will use elements from Geoff Johns Batman Earth One stories for his Batman movie, as they have a noir and Christopher Nolan feel to it that features a younger Batman establishing himself as a hero Gotham needs.

We know this is not going to be the last casting announcements for Matt Reeve’s The Batman movie staring Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, Jefery Wright, and Paul Dano. Hopefully the closer we get to production we will hear more news on the direction Mat Reeves is presenting with his Batman movie. I would like to hear everyone’s thoughts.

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