RUMORED: Short List of Actresses for Catwoman is Revealed!

Yesterday evening Thomas Polito from The Geeks World Wide website is reporting that he has learned from one of his sources that their is five actresses who are in the running to play Catwoman in Matt Reeves The Batman movie staring Robert Pattinson. This is just a RUMOR nothing has been officially confirmed.

Even tho it is a RUMOR Thomas Politio from, is credited for breaking the news that there will be four well known villains in Matt Reeves The Batman movie from earlier this year. He does have credibility when reporting potentiality something that will be offical at some point. The casting for Catwoman does match with another RUMOR reported back in early September from Nathaniel Brail who is part of the, website who reported that Matt Reeves is looking for an actress who is either black or biracial to play the iconic character. As I said it’s still a RUMOR but there is potential this could be true. You can read his report and Thomas Poltio exclusive reported article below and

Here is the Five Rumor potential Actresses for Catwoman

Of the five actresses only Tessa Thompson and Lupia Nyong’o are the two well known actresses that are reportedly RUMORED on a short list for Catwoman. Alexandra Shipp who was known for Storm in Fox’s X-Men movies, Gugu Mbatha-Raw who’s known in Black Mirror, and Logan Browning who stars in Netflixs Dear White People series is on the short list for Matt Reeves Catwoman.

MY Opinion

I can see all five of these actresses could play a great Catwoman, but it comes down to what The Batman director Matt Reeves in visions for Catwoman in his movie that fits what he wants to present on screen. Only Lupia Nyong’o has yet to work with Warner Brothers in the past. It’s not surprising they want the actress to be in the business with them since she’s been involved in a lot of big hit movies. The rest of the actresses have done either tv or movie work with Warner Brothers in the past and WB likes to cast people in their big budget movies who they have past worked with.

I can see Matt Reeves favoring Alexandra Shipp, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and Logan Browning as the three actresses for the role because they have a certain IT factor for Catwoman, and they are looking for that mainstream breakout role to help their careers. However in my opinion I believe Tessa Thompson might be the lead candidate to play Catwoman.

Tessa Thompson as Eartha Kitt’s Catwoman on and episode title “Flame” on tv series Drunk History

Tessa Thompson has been featured in a lot of movies in 2019. She has been in many successful movies like the Creed franchise and in the MCU. She’s still in business with Disney as she will be voicing Lady from Lady and the Tramp on Disney Plus. However She is still in bussiness with Warner Brothers as one of the main roles in HBO’s Westworld series that features Jeffrey Wright who was cast as James Gordon last week. So their is a connection and someone Warner Brothers who wants to continue working with to move forward. She does fit the vision that Matt Reeves is looking for and Warner Brothers favors recognizable people to be in supporting roles in their big budget movies.

She was seen in early summer playing Eartha Kitts Catwoman on Drunk History series. So she is a fan of Catwoman personally and I think she would be a great casting choice to play the iconic character for Matt Reeves The Batman.

Final Thoughts

Mark Hughes from Forbes, recently tweeted will be hearing more casting announcements for The Batman movie. If the leak short list is true I’m sure in my opinion by now Matt Reeves has made his decision for who s playing Catwoman and they are negotiating multiple picture deals thats past one movie, before making offical announcement. The Batman is scheduled to be released on June 25th 2021.

I would love to hear what fans think of the short list, and who they think would be a great casting choice of the five actresses who are rumor to be on Matt Reeves short list

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