My Opinion: On the Batman supporting Cast announcement.

Last night social media was overwhelmed with excitement to finally here more offical news from casting announcements on Matt Reeves highly anticipated The Batman movie, schedule to be release in summer of 2021, staring Robert Pattinson as the Batman. I was hoping during Batman day over the weekend was when we would get an update on the next Batman movie. But better late than never right?

Jeffery Wright as Jim Gordon

This is a great casting choice for James Gordon, because if you have seen him in any of the Daniel Craig’s Bond movies, he does have a Gordon vibe when he’s making choices to help Bond that would be out of his place over following CIA orders, by trying to do the right thing in helping Bond. Plus he has been type cast as a Detective, FBI and CIA agent in other movies, because he does have a law enforcement look to him.

He’s been in many action movies and I could easily see him play a very physical tough James Gordon that we have yet to see on film. Matt Reeves found the right actor to bring James Gordon to life back on the big screen. I’m looking forward to see what Jeffery Wright brings to the table as Jim Gordon, in The Batman. For those who are complaining about Jim Gordon not being white go watch Batman 89, because Billy Dee Williams was cast as Harvey Dent and the movie was giant success with him in it, and nobody complain about that casting decision.

Jonah Hill as either The Penguin or Riddler

The first official reports was Jonah Hill is going to be cast as the Penguin, however according to Jeff Sneider he’s hearing he will be cast as the Rudder and not the Penguin like many people assume right away. Here are his tweets below and how they change in minutes to less than a hour.

Jeff has a lot of credibility in breaking news but it’s possible Jonah Hill has not decide yet on what villain he wants to play in The Batman. Justin Kroll from, tweeted Warner Brothers is offering Jonah Hill 10 million to be in the movie and to play either Riddler or Penguin. It is still not officially announced on who he will be playing yet but he is expected to play one of Batman’s iconic villains.

If you have seen Todd Phillips War Dogs film, that co stars Jonah Hill. He can easily be seen as a great realistic Penguin base on how he played arms dealer Efraim Diveroli from that film. If you have not watch War Dogs I recommend Batman fans to watch it, and you will see what I mean about what he could potentially bring as the Penguin to The Batman movie. War Dogs is a good movie and very entertaining.

Matt Reeves is deffently going to introduce a different take on the Riddler that we have yet to see on tv or movie. Jim Carey played Riddler simaler to Frank Gorshin Riddler from Batman 66. This Batman world will have a noir look and story inspired from the Long Halloween graphic novel. Which means I would expect a more Zodiac like Riddler who’s obseses with being smarter than anyone else in the room, and getting away with crime. I think a zodiac kind of Riddler will fit the noir world Matt Reeves wants to present instead of a cartoonish version of the character we’ve seen in the past. With that being said I can see why Matt Reeves would offer the Riddler role to Jonah Hill, because the Riddler will be taken more seriously. Jonah Hill can play serious characters if you watch his body of work on films.

My Final Thoughts

We know there will be plenty of more casting announcement going into late Fall and Winter time this year for The Batman movie. James Gordon is already cast and Jonah Hill is on board to play one of Batman’s iconic villains. That means the casting announcement for Alfred Pennyworth is not far away either. With more names casting to potential rumored characters in the movie like Two-Face, Catwoman, Mad Hatter, and Fire Fly it’s going to be even more exciting.

I wanna tell Batman fans to relax if your favorite fan casting actor or actress is not cast as your favorite Batman character of Batman villain. Matt Reeves like past Batman directors Chris Nolan and Tim Burton knows and understand how important to take Batman and his world seriously. These artists directors knows the source material and wants to present something new but familiar to Batman fans and the general audience. We have not seen what the next Batman tone or look will be yet. Let’s wait and see when the first teaser drops late next summer.

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