My Opinion: Why are we not getting a Superman movie

As of right now WarnerMedia, has The Joker, Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman 84, The Batman and The Suicide Squad movies coming out in the next two and half years. WarnerMedia is planning to get Shazam! 2, Aquaman 2, Black Adam on to the big screen with in the next three to four years. Thay is according to many credible websites out there by Variety, Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter. Thoses same credible sources have who have reported over the years that WarnerMedia is working on a making a Green Lantern, New Gods, Swamp Thing, The Flash, Nightwing, Batgirl and a Blue Beatle movie. The number one question everyone wants to know is when are we getting a Superman movie?

Many people out there including myself wants to see a Man of Steel Sequel with Henry Cavil back in the lead role. Last year it was reported by Tatiana Siegel from The Hollywood Reporter, who reported that Henry Cavil was out as Superman, because of former Warner Brothers CEO Kevin Tsujihara refuse to reach Henry Cavil’s movie quote after his success with the Mission Impossible franchise to portray Superman in future DC movies. and to do the Shazam cameo. One thing that grab my attention from her report is that she added quotes and a time stamp of September 6th from new WarnerMedia’s CEO John Stankey, who said, “Hats off to Kevin and Toby and their team.” and took a shot at DC. “Some of our franchises, in particular at DC, we all think we can do better.” His quoate about DC and their movies is very telling because it tells me they want to go into a different direction with their DC movies, and away from the Henry Cavil’s Superman movie, and the Zack Snyder DCEU he created. you can read the her story with the link below.

When the news broke that Cavil will be out as Superman, the whole world on social media freaked out at Warner Brothers. The reaction was so big that on that same day Warner Brothers and Cavil’s manager Dany Gracia release a statement to make it clear that Cavil is not out as Superman, but didn’t say their was no decision on Henry Cavil will play Superman in the future. Their joint statement by both parties in my opinion was to be damage control.

Warner Brothers spokesperson: While no decisions have been made regarding any upcoming Superman films, we’ve always had great respect for and a great relationship with Henry Cavill, and that remains unchanged,”

Dany Garcia from her twitter account : ” Be peaceful, the cape is still in his closet @wbpictures has been and continues to be our partners as they evolve the DC Universe. Anticipate a WB statement later today. “

As anyone can read from their statement neither side confirm that their will be a Superman movie with Henry Cavil as it’s lead. This was the last time we have heard any real news about Henry Cavil playing Superman or a Superman movie. IMO I think Henry Cavil is done with Superman, because he recently sign on to play Sherolck Holmes in Enola Holmes movie. Henry has been busy with other projects since this new came out almost a year ago. He has the Witcher series on Netflix coming out and a crime movie called Night Hunter coming out later this year.


Since this news broke over ten months ago we have not heard anything a bout a potential Superman movie. IMO I believe that’s because no writer or director is hungry to do a Superman movie. On February 4th of 2019 The Hollywood Reporter, reported that Warner Brothers offered a Superman movie as one of the many properties they had available for James Gunn to write and direct. He ultimately picked Suicide Squad, because he was hungry to write that movie over Superman.

Writer/Director Mathew Vaughn, who was reportedly Warner Brothers choice to direct a sequel to Man of Steel with Henry Cavil. Spoke with about his take with Superman now that the project is completely dead. His take would have not been a sequel but a retold origin story with Kal-El growing up on Krypton before his father Jor-El sends him to Earth. His take is to have Superman understand what it was like to have a home and understand why his father would send him to earth. You can click on the link for their interview with Mathew Vaughn Unfortunately that is all the recent news about a Superman movie and Henry Cavil.


The obviously answer as to why theirs no Superman movie announcement is that no writer or director is hungry to do a Superman movie. People forget the reason we got Man of Steel was because of Christopher Nolan. While they were writing The Dark Knight Rises. Chris, David Goyer, and Johnathan Nolan had an idea for a really good Superman origin story that they wanted to write and present to Warner Brothers back in 2010. At the time Warner Brothers green light the Man of Steel movie because of two reasons one is they were about to loose the rights to Superman if they do not have a Superman movie produce by 2011 and the base on their contract with the Siegel and Shuster family Superman would be back with the creaters family by 2013. Second the next Superman movie will becoming from Christopher Nolan who is their cash cow for Batman, and will have final say over the next Superman movie as the lead producer.

If Chris is not the one with the idea for a Superman movie we as fans would’ve never got Man of Steel and the last Superman movie we would remember was the boring Superman Returns movie. The other thing is that the rights to Superman would go back to the creator’s family. Those are the only two reasons as to why we got another Superman movie, and the start of the DCEU thanks to Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder. Here’s the 2009 article from Screen Rant on Superman getting new owners

I strongly believe many people in WarnerMedia and including the new CEO over at Warner Brothers Ann Sarnoff has no clue on what to do with Superman as they probably feel he is an outdated character, and that does not fit with current times. The other reason is that Man of Steel did not reach their Studio financial expectations, from what I remember reading about according to Mark Hughes of is that the studio who had Christopher Nolan’s name attached to Man of Steel with Zack Snyder iwas expecting Man of Steel to reach 800 to a billion dollars like The Dark Knight did. Here’s the link When that did not happen instead of a Man of Steel sequel we get Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice because Batman makes more money than Superman.

Again this is just my opinion on why I think we haven’t heard anything on Superman movie, but I strongly feel that is one of the many reasons why we do not have any real news on a possible Superman movie since no creative person in Hollywood has interest in doing a Superman move.


I guess the good news is Superman is back in live action but on T.V with Tyler Hoechlin as Superman who I am sure we will see again in this winter on the CW. For DC on CW’s Crisis on Infinity Earths TV special this winter. Outside of that we will see Superboy/Conor Kent played by Joshua Orpin in Titans Season two sometime in the fall and Supergirl will back for another season. So even though theres no Superman movie we will see his world an supporting cast in the DC streaming service and the CW network.

Hopefully WarnerMedia is lucky to find someone who is hungry to do a Superman movie in the future. I am fine with Henry Cavil not returning to the role as I feel that it is better to bring someone in who has their own vision on who should play Superman.Just like Zack Snyder, Bryan Singer and Richard Donner had a chance to cast their own Superman for their movie. Hopefully we fans do not wait twenty something years later after Justice League to see Superman again on the big screen.

I think most people forget Superman 4 and Superman Returns has a nineteen year gab between there movies. It would not surprise me if we have to wait ten plus years until we see a Superman movie again. In my opinion I’m sure this will happen again with WarnerMedia sitting on superman again, until another creater with great credibility wants to do Superman. This why I believe we will not see a Superman movie for another decade.

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