Jessica Jones Season Three: Review

If you decided not to watch anymore Marvel’s Netflix T.V’s series, because they are all cancelled. You are missing out on a fantastic conclusion to Jessica Jones in her final season of the series. Jessica Jones in her final at bat goes out with a home run to cap off the Marvel Netflix series’run. ( NO SPOILERS)


With Season two of Jessica Jones ending with a mix bag for audiences. (IMO) I did enjoy season two but I did felt like it was lacking a stronger villain to challenge Jessica Jones, and to help carry season two. In her final season Jessica Jones goes back to its noir roots that was successful in season one. One of my favorite characters from season three is new comer Jeremy Bob who plays serial killer Gregory Salinger known as the Foolkiller in the Marvel Comics. He brings a Dexter Morgan serial killer vibe as to how well he is head, until he’s on Jessica Jones’s radar thanks to new supporting character Erik Gelden aka Mind-Wave played by actor Benjamin Walker who is a new love interest to Jessica Jones. Jeremy Bob, does a great job in getting the audience to hate him and how well he strategically challenges Jessica Jones and her supporting cast, because he knows he will lose in a head to head fight. He takes pleasure in challenging Jessica Jones in belief that she is a hero and to dig deeper as to how she is not a hero.

Jessica Jones is in a very stable place mentally when we first see her. (IMO) Jessica is at her best through out season three, after all of the trauma she suffered from the decision her best friend and sister Trish Walker played by Rachel Taylor did to her, and losing her trust in Malcolm, played by Eka Darville in season two. Jessica in season three is moving forward with her life by creating boundaries with Trish and Malcolm. Unfortunately without Jessica in their lives, her supporting cast of Trish, Malcolm and Jerri all self destruct in season three. I was very happy to see Jessica Jones in a new place mentally as she evolved as a character. She learned to have patience with the NYPD, the people in New York, and working with Detective Costa who sees Jessica Jones as a hero.

Trish Walker is the most self destructive character in season three. She is the central character in season three and continues to go down a dark path. Trish’s believes everything she is doing is for the great good and the right thing. We see Trish pushed by tragedy that makes her a Harvey Dent turn Two-Face kind of role in season three. Another highlight in season three is the characters belief in the justice system, and questioning what choices is the right thing means. all of our characters evolved and take different paths by the end of season three. We get a surprise cameo or guest that will give fans of another beloved Netflix series that was canceled, after two seasons.


We do get a few flash backs and some episodes does slow down before we get big payoffs at the end. It does not hurt season three overall but I think having 13 episodes for a mystery detictive story can be to long.


Jessica Jones season 3 poster.jpg

Season three of Jessica Jones is a character focus on Jessica Jones supporting cast. Jessica Jones is at her best through out her final season. The show gets back to the noir roots of Jessica Jones. Displaying a lot of her detective skills and how she strategically keeps up and matches with serial killer Gergory Salinger, who is a scene stealer. He’s a very unpredictable character and you do not know what he will do next which is great addition to the season finale. Even though the series was cancelled a year ago that did not stop show runners and writers to go out with a home run with Jessica Jones. The show leaves with a great send off. I strongly recommend Marvel fans and comic book fans who enjoyed the Marvel Netflix series to watch Season three of Jessica Jones.

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