Swamp Thing Pilot: Review

On Friday May 31st the DC Universe streaming service release the first episode of their next big live action DC TV series with Swamp Thing. Series stars Crystal Reed, and Andy Bean. If you love the horror genre this is a series I highly recommend audiences to watch. (MINOR SPOILERS)


One of the things that stands out from the first episode is how great a lot of the effects, and grotesk horror that is presented in the pilot episode. The pilot does a great job presenting a mysterious incident in a swamp that is occurring in a town of Marais Louisana. This is a great way to grab audiences attention to watch the show, who’ve never heard of Swamp Thing.

We meet one of our co stars Abby Arcane played by Crstal Reed who’s best know as Sophia Falcone from the Gotham tv series. She’s one of the highlights from the pilot episode. We Andy Bean wh is best known from the Power series, who plays Alec Holland and title character Swamp Thing. I enjoyed the two characters chemistry as their goal is to find out what is happening in this town and why are people getting sick and are dying. This show sets the tone right away as to this is horror story of a dark hero. I am very happy DC is using the Len Wein and Bernie Wrighton original source material for this series.

Because James Wan is one of the Executive Producers of DC’s Swamp Thing, a lot of his horror elements and tone fits perfectly with the show. I love a lot of the practical effects that are presented in the pilot because it’s executed perfectly. I am very happy DC is showing credits to created own characters of Len Wein and Bernie Wrighton. I believe it’s important to acknowledge of who came up with these characters.


I wasn’t a fan of the Maria Sunderland and Abby Arcane scene. I thought it took me out of what the main story is trying to set up in the pilot. Their scene that is obviously is a subplot scene that we will go back in the future episodes from Abby’s past as to why she has not return home after she finished college.

OVERALL: 8.5/10

Swamp Thing is a gory horror thriller about dark hero born out of the Swamps. Like Doom Patrol, DC once again sets a define tone for Swamp Thing as a mysterious horror thriller that will easily be captivating from the get go for audience. DC Universe app continues its success with Swamp Thing as it’s 3rd new live action series content on their streaming service. The pilot episode is only the beginning as it sets up something much bigger for the next Nine episodes.

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