Lucifer Season 4: Review

Lucifer is back! Thanks to Netflix and us the fans who voice our opinion to keep the show alive after a giant cliff hanger in season three, last year. The comic book hit series returns on Netflix. Now under a new network does Lucifer push its limits now that it is on Netflix, and does it continue to keep the success momentum going into season 4, after being gone for over a year? ( Minor Spoilers)


Its great seeing the main cast back for season 4, and the main story continues right after season 3’s, big cliffhanger from episode 24. Now that Lucifer is on Netflix the show has a bigger budget when it comes to Lucifer’s make up or devil face as we see more darker details to his look compared to when the series was on Fox. The show still has its witty dark sense of humor. Even though Lucifer can push the buttons now that the series is on Netflix, Lucifer does not push the buttons to much, because the series is aware of what works with the show. Episode 6 is when they push the button the most interim of nudity. Long time fans of the show such as myself will feel like nothing has change, and that is a great thing if you love this series as much as I do. Chloe Decker and Lucifer’s chemistry continues to be well done especially with the aftermath of season 3. We do get a surprise between our other couple Linda and Amendaiel, and how their relationship goes to the next level that works for this season.


If you are hoping for a character focus story episode in season 4 like previous seasons with either Ella, Maze, Linda. Dan, and Amenadiel. Unfortunately we do not get any character focus episodes, because Netflix favors bigger budget for 10 episodes. We do have small subplots of the fall out for our characters with Dan and Elle, after a character’s tragic death from season 3. However a lot of the subplots feel rushed and not fleshed out natural. I was not a fan of new comer Inbar Lavi who plays Eve in season 4. I found her to be very annoying and did not feel like she was needed for the main story they were trying to tell. She was mainly their to do a repeated story we seen in season 3 between Lucifer, Kane, and Chloe. I was hoping something new was added to the show after how season 3 ended, instead we get the same repetitive story between Chloe and Lucifer. I did not like the idea of two other main characters getting together which did not feel right at all. I know some fans will be mixed on the reveal.

OVERALL: 7.5/10

I highly recommend for anyone who has yet to watch Lucifer. It is one of the best series to binge watch on Netflix. Season 4 I found to be a good season. It still has the heart we all love about the show. Season 4 continues Lucifer’s long vacation from hell on earth with all of his friends he met while he is on his vacation. I highly recommend fans of the show who finished season 4 to watch the featured special reunion with the main cast talks about how season 4, and how thankful they are the fans have kept the show alive after it was cancelled from Fox. Netflix has yet to announce a season 5, but the show does give the series it’s own conclusion encase it does not come back for a season 5.

2 thoughts on “Lucifer Season 4: Review

  1. The season ended well. Left a lot of room for creative in future seasons. Watch a baby angel grow, Luci find a way to be in both realms-he will be very bored now. will Maze ever find a partner? Dan a purpose? Ella could develop more…so much…or u have an ending. We definitely need more of the show. S4 was good, a let down on the music side of things. Fans love to see their favorite devil sing…the dance part was really cool. 🙂


  2. I wasn’t fond of Eve. Hoped she’d get killed off. As for the season as a whole, I laughed, cried and just loved it. As for an “in case” ending…I want season 5! Lucifer has to find a way back to Chloe and
    Continue solving crimes. Angel baby with Linda as a mom could be really good. There is too much potential to not continue the series.


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