Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4: Review

By now everyone must’ have seen episode 4 of Game of Thrones Season 8. As “The Last of the Starks ” is the most talked about episode of this season base on how it was executed. (Minor Spoilers Below)


I enjoyed the victory celebration in Winterfell, and how quickly Daenerys has shift her focus on Cersei for the right of the throne. I was happy to see Jon share the news of his birthright to his sisters or now cousins. I like how Sansa and Arya reacted into action after the news Jon shares with them, even tho they promised to secrecy.

Jon is very humbled about his birthright, however Arya and Sansa base on their actions believe Jon should be on that throne of the 7 kingdoms, as the two characters will quietly try to make that happen without him knowing.

I did enjoy the ending of this episode as it reminded me of a call back of Cersei telling Ned Stark “when you play the game of thrones you either win or die.” Only this time Cersei expresses it in action towards Dany by killing of a fan favorite character in execution style. I understand it’s a mixed for most audience but people who have been watching this show have been warned not to get attached to characters as their is no happy ending in Game of Thrones. The ending of episode 4 is a reminder of that. I did like that audiences should be reminded that you can never ever trust a Lannister as Jamie and Tyrion has shown deep down they can never change who they really are.


I found this episode to be very rushed an executed very poorly. The Brienne hooking up with Jamie and having romantic feelings for him after getting insulted by him, ruins the character’s moment in becoming a Knight. I feel that now that Brienne has slept with Jaime who kighted her noe feels tarnished. Not having a fuller episode hurts the decisions we see Sam and Tormund make by leaving Winterfell, randomly. Audience can understand why Tormund wants to leave, but Sam randomly leaving is a head scratcher in my opinion.

I didn’t like how easily Danys dragon was defeated and how dumb she was written in this episode, and I understand the direction the writers want Dany to go in, but having one or two added episodes for the 8th season could’ve help bridge the ending much powerful for Daenerys, now that she has lost her support system who have been with her from the beginning. As for the Starbucks coffee cup making a cameo it shows how little effort went into this episode.


Despite the mix reactions. The Last of the Starks reminds everyone this is the world Game of Thrones, and there’s no happy endings. You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain.

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