Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3: Review

Everything that’s been built up for the White Walkers from the pilot episode until now. Does the Battle of Winterfell lives up to expectations, rips our hearts out, and pays off to everything we love about Game of Thrones? Minor Spoilers


The highlight for me in this episode is the white walkers. They displayed to our characters on how big of a threat the truly are. I enjoyed the moments between Sansa and Tyrion. It was nice to see Melisandre again as she set out to serve her final purpose for this episode. New fan favorite Lyanna Mormont shines big in this episode, for someone who’s only been a minor character. Arya of course shines big in the episode and puts everything she has learned over the series into great use. She is my favorite character from the beginning and have the character out shine everyone in this episode is justice.


The first 30 minutes of the episode audiences will have a very hard time watching what is happening on their tv. As well as some of the dragon fights feel like mess not understanding whats happening. If you are expected a battle of the bastards, or Red Wedding like episode. you will be extremely dissapoited. Everything in this episode is not executed the way we thought.


I have watch this episode twice, before doing a review because I was mixed on it the first time. When watching a second time, in my opinion the episode does not hold up well on a second viewing. This episode was promoted as a payoff and a good bye to a lot of characters and things going back to the pilot. This will be the most joyfull episode to alot of audiences who are fans of the Game of Thrones tv series which is weird to say. I’m not sure how people who read the books would feel about this episode.

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