Gotham Series Finale: Review

Episode twelve was finally dropped on Thursday night. Unfortunately with all of the Avengers End Game news, and like most people I was busy going to the movies. I did finally see the series finale episode on Friday night and again today. Does the series finale of the Gotham series, deliver after a five season build up. (Some Spoilers)


I did like that we see the finale still centers around James Gordon. Time has passed since episode eleven. I think the time jump will help long time Batman fans feel like we see something familiar or closer to what Batman’s world should look like. We do get Batman in this episode, but from other characters narrative, and not from Bruce Wayne’s narrative which I thought was smart since the Penguin, the Riddler, and even Jeremiah outside of Jim Gordon where focus characters from the finale. Batman is a creature of the night an needs to be more then a man which shows audiences how Batman is moved through others narrative. Towards the ending of the episode we do get our only full shot of Batman with a CGI David Mazouz face. I thought Batman was present very well. The bat suit he was in looked like it is still work in progress but it is still Batman. I did enjoy Cameron Monaghan and continues to be the best version of the Joker not name Jared Leto. He brings a lot of nods and changes his voice to Mark Hamil’s Joker.


The finale I felt was very short, and should’ve been a two part. Lots of missed opportunities and could’ve present as to how Bruce was inspired by bats to become Batman. We do not see Alfred and Bruce share a moment, before his first night out as Batman. I think if you are going to recast Carmen Bicondova, they should’ve recast David Mazouz so we can get a full picture seen of Batman and Catwoman as another payoff since the entire show was hinting their relationship. I still think it was dumb of the show producer to recast Carmen Bicondova since they kept everyone else including David Mazouz. I did like Lilly Simmons, but I think it shouldve been Carmen a the end. I still don’t believe David Mazouz was a smart choice to keep in for this finale in the Batman suit because he does not have a physical presences which I was expecting. I don’t understand why the chest plate on his stomach looks like a pizza.


Overall Gotham’s finale I thought was much better then Smallville’s finale as we get see a full Batman, and in action. The finale does feel like a backdoor pilot to something else maybe something to the DCU app. Long time Batman fans can check the finale out, without seeing any of the past episodes or seasons of Gotham.

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