Game of Thrones season 8 Episode 2: Review

A week later we finally get our Game of Thrones fixed. With season eight of episode two. This is a (Non Spoilers) review.


The writing by Bryan Cogman, for our characters, before the battle of White Walkers continues to be the highlight in episode two. I think both Bryan and Dave Hill from episode one collaborated very closely to tell a two part story, before the War of Survival begins. Episode two still displays our characters reuniting and reminiscing about their journies, and the decisions our favorite characters have made to get to where they are to survived. Episode two in my opinion is the calm, before the war for their survival against the White Walkers. A lot of supporting characters gets their storied conclusion which could easily shadows at their fate in episode three.

I enjoyed Jon reuniting with a lot of his brothers from the nights watch, who we have seen survived from the last episode. We get a lot of great moments with Jamie and Tyrion. Seeing Tyrion being a little more himself around Jamie was a great moment. While reminiscent of something he said long ago to Jamie on how he would like to die. I was happy to see our characters have a plan or strategy against the Nights King and his White Walkers.

I didn’t believe they would fight the White Walkers head on, after Jon has fought them twice. By now he should have had an idea. I love a lot of the Tormund and Brienne moments in this episode, as Tormund shows some of his respect to Brienne, compared to the last time we seen them interact. We see Daenerys show more of her true colors in this episode when interacting to the Starks, and Lannisters. Which i believe is a good thing as her motives is very clear what she truly cares about, and how she has work hard to get to this point.


I still don’t like how Tyrion has been potrayed to be nieve in his role as the hand to Queen Daenerys. Fans like myself love Tyrion is because he is a smart strategic character. Seeing almost all have his decisions backfired is uncharacteristic of the character from previous seasons.

There’s a moment I think audience might feel a little uncomfortable or awkward with Arya and Gendry sharing an important scene, but how it is executed does work well for what the shows is trying to present for these two characters sharing a important moment before the war.

If you want action in your game of thrones episode. It’s not in episode two.

OVERALL 9.5/10

Despite less action, that episode two does not present. I’m ok with it because like episodes one, I love episode two, because I’ve been invested in the Game of Thrones tv storied series since season one back in 2011. Watching all of these characters reunited and sharing their experiences as how they evolve through out the series, and made it to this point.

Watching a lot of the supporting and some main characters have their final stories concluding before the War against the White Walkers is a great send off if they die going into the next episode. Most importantly the calm before the storm is over. Episode three through six will be written by the shows producers David Benioff and D.B Weiss. I expect every episode to be an emotional roller coaster.

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