My Thoughts on Star Wars Episode Nine Teaser Trailer

After the first hour of the opening of Star Wars celebration, and seeing Kathleen Kennedy, JJ Abrams, and the cast for episode nine hinting and building excitement for the movie. We finally get our first teaser trailer and a official title for episode nine.

Like anyone who is curious about episode nine, after the bad taste we recieve with Last Jedi. I wanted to see what they are going to present for this one as the direction of Star Wars has been question by the fans, after Last Jedi.

My Thoughts

I am happy to see the entire cast are all together on this adventure, which is about damn time . Which also means we will finally get scenes of Po and Rey together. Second this will feel like one movie instead of two in one movie. The tone of episode nine is very similar to Force Awakens, and Return of the Jedi. Which is not surprising, since this is allegedly the ending of the Skywalker saga. So far eposode nine base on one teaser feels like a direct sequel to Force Awakens more so then Last Jedi ever did.

It feels like Lucas Films are going to be depending on more of the nostalgia factor to grab long time fans back into theaters to see this one, because Last Jedi failed Disney expectations of making the two billion dollar mark. Bring back JJ Abrams who does have a better pulse with Star Wars fans, and made Disney over two billion dollars with his Force Awakens. Disney is going back to the formula that worked for them with Force Awakens as its clear in the teaser trailer.

However the trailer did not feel emotionally impactful or invested the way Force Awakens, and Last Jedi did because like most people I am Star Wars out after the bad taste of Last Jedi. We deffently see a lot of cool action scenes from Rey, Fin, Po and Ben Solo. We will see more C3po in this movie than all of the past two sequel movies. We see Ben Solo tease a design new helmet and suit which I feel like he should not be going backwards with. Ben I hope should be more powerful and intimidating then we last seen him in Last Jedi as I thought he was the best thing from Last Jedi.

The teaser reveals Rey, and her team are back on Jakku, which confirms long previous rumors the story takes place on Jakku. Part of the reveal is Rey is looking for the ruins of the Death Star from Return of the Jedi which links to Emperor Palpatine who died and blew up with the Death Star. I wonder if it’s Luke or Yoda as a force ghost telling Rey to go back on Jakku and find what’s left of Palpatine remains, because the force senses he is alive. To confirm that Rey investigate to see if whatever is left of his remains are in the ruins of the Death Star. (I mean what other reason would Rey be back on Jakku looking at the remains of the Death Star. Seen in the picture above)

The big surprise of the trailer is the reveal of Ian McDiarmid’s return as Emperor Palpatine. Which is huge surprise because we thought he was dead and more dead after Return to the Jedi. I’m not sure what to make of it, and how does he fit to this story, and what does he bring differently from the original and prequel trilogies. If JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy are bring back Emperor Palpatine he needs to have more than a cameo an have a big part of the story in episode nine on a giant scale. Other wise he’s wasted like previous legacy characters.

My thoughts on The surprise title name for episode nine.

When the tease ends with the reveal of title called The Rise of Skywalker, my first thought was is this a redemption story for Ben Solo? He is the only one confirm to have Skywalker blood in him. Does this mean Luke is alive and will rise out of hidding after learning Emperor Palpatine is alive after being thought dead? Or does this link to Anakin Skywalker since the original and prequel trilogies is about him. Or just maybe Rey is a Skywalker some how.

Whatever the title means, it feels like this movie will bring another controversy or bring more divided fans of the mixed reaction Star Wars sequel trilogy already has accomplished.

Honestly Episode Nine already feels like the wife you divorce from two years ago of 40 years Who wants to try again an realize she screwed up and says she can change. Which hint the title’s name The rise of Skywalker, featuring fan favorite return Lando Calrissain with surprised all evil villain favorite Emperor Palpatine.

However this time you don’t trust your ex wife of 40 years of marriage because you dont want to be broken inside again.

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