Shazam! Movie: Review

Shazam! Is finally release in theaters everywhere today. In my opinion DC/ Warner Brothers continues their DC Comic Book movies success with Shazam! As their next huge hit.(Non Spoilers)

PROS The highlights from Shazam! Is how good the story, humor, the heart family moments are all perfectly executed in the movie. The chemistry of Asher Angel, Zachary Levi as Billy Batson and Shazam are perfectly well present. Jack Dylan Grazer, who plays Freddy, Faithe Herman, who plays Darla all shine and are allscene stealers. Mark Strong as Doctor Sivana, is a great first villain for Zachary Levi’s Shazam to go up against in his origin story.Shazam! Gets straight to each point and does not drag out or go to unneccary moments. What make Shazam! A unique comic book movie comparing it to other comic book movies, is its about how important and powerful a families bond and strength is even if you don’t share the same blood.We do see a lot of DCEU references if you love sharing cinematic universes. However it doesn’t take you out of the movie or the story Shazam! Is presenting.

CONSShazam is a light heart movie, but there is a dark moment or horror scene that I would recommend parents not to take their kids under 5 for Shazam, as it is a rating PG13 so there will be some moments that might scare kids under 5.There is a few cheesy moments in Shazam!, but it doesn’t lose momentum.

OVERALL 9/10Shazam! Is a roller coaster of emotions. You will laugh, you will be sad, and you will cheer. Shazam! Is another perfect blockbuster movie by DC and Warner Brothers for a family to take their kids at the age 5 and over. Shazam!, deals with family values, and life learning leasons that Billy Batson needs to confront and understand. Shazam! Displays a lot of heart and fun for all audience to enjoy. Highly Recommend!

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