Captain Marvel Movie: Review

Captain Marvel was released last night. Here is my Spoiler Free Review, on Marvel’s latest MCU movie series.


The highlights from Captain Marvel’s movie, was seeing Samuel L. Jackson as a young Nick Fury, and Clark Gregg as Phil Coulson. The CGI on a young Nick Fury is very well done. The CGI effects is fantastic through out the movie. I was very happy to finally see the Skrulls on the big screen, the makeup and look appears great on screen. If you are a Cat person or animal lover you will love the cat Goose. The post credit will get fans even more excited for The Avengers End Game now that we are less than 60 days away.


We do learn how Nick Fury loses eye, and by how he lost his eye will be a extremely disappointing to hardcore comic book fans, and audiances who are invested in the MCU. The script for Captain Marvel is very plain, doesn’t take risk, and is poorly executed.

Brie Larson as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel is a mix bag in my opinion. Part of it does have to do with script issues, but Brie is good in some moments of her movie, but is not as charismatic when comparing her to Robert Downey Jr, Gal Gadot, Chris Evans, and Scarrlet Johansson in a lead for superhero movie to hide the script issues.

Audiance will learn why she’s emotionalist which has to do with her being trained as a Kree, but doesn’t change anything from the movie. A lot of the Marvel’s Captain Marvel source material is change so don’t expect any easter eggs from the original Captain Marvel mythology.

OVERALL 6.5/10

Captain Marvel is more of a filler movie, that forces future inspirations base on a 7 year old superheroe that will ignore 50 plus years will upset Marvel comic book fans. The script for her origin movie is boring, with no risk to introduce something new for the audiance. Like Ant-Man and the Wasp it’s worth a Redbox rental or a matinee.

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