What is the true story about the controversial comments made by Brie Larson and where did they originated from?

Within the last two weeks leading up to the release of Marvel Studios’s next Marvel movie Captain Marvel. News broke out and picked up from many media sites on controversial comments made by Brie Larson. I first heard the news about these comments on someone’s YouTube channel two weeks ago. I will not acknowledge that person’s YouTube channel, because that person does not have any credibility and did not site there news sources when that person brought this to attention. I decided to do research like any writer should, and learn to see on when those comments were cited from and what exactly did Brie Larson actually say. From

What I learn

From what I learn base on reading other websites big or small media markets who published articles about this news did not cited on when these comments by Brie were made and are only taking from one another site to draw more hits to their websites. The only sited article that is getting credit is the recent interview Brie Larson did with Marie Claire. many media sites has it titled of Brie backtracking her controversial comments. In my opinion the interview Marie Claire did with Brie Larson is very good and talks about a lot of things over Brie’s career. You can click on the link to read her full interview with Brie Larson. https://www.marieclaire.co.uk/entertainment/tv-and-film/brie-larson-641750

With no actual made source from when these comments are made, I had to review the YouTube video I first heard the comments from, because the person had a brief flash of articles to use as proof for his video, but did not cite them which is why I found it very questionable. With that little detail from that video I was able to do a more detailed search across the internet on where did these comments from Brie were made.

When was these controversial comments made?

I learned Brie Larson’s comments are made almost a year ago, when she accepted her crystal award for excellent film. Instead of thanking her family and the people who work and support her, when she accepted her award. Brie wanted to send a message on how it is important to have more diverse of people or women in the movie critic business. Readers can see the video below or click on YouTube to watch her speech from the Crystal Award ceremony.

Why did she make these comments?

For readers who are not familiar with the Crystal Award ceremony, it is called the Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Awards, to acknowledge or
presented to honor women in communications and media. Last year Brie Larson accepted the Crystal Award which is the honor for outstanding women who, through their endurance and the excellence of their work, have helped to expand the role of women within the entertainment industry.

Because this was an important award for Brie Larson to accept, and you can tell by the video Brie felt like this was the right time to make acknowledgement or bring awareness of how it is important to have more diverse or diverse of women in the business of critics who review films.

My Opinion: Are her comments Controversial?

I am someone who keeps a very open mind, and I understand what exactly Brie Larson is trying to say, because I am half Middle Eastern and Irish. I want to see more diverse people expanded in the critic film business or in the entertainment business as a whole with equal fairness and equal accountability with people who are currently in the critic and entertainment business.

However the way Brie presents her speech while accepting her award will rub off the wrong way with some people out their, because her speech is presented poorly. Brie while acknowledge the important of having more diverse or diverse women in the critic business but it takes away from that when she saying repeatedly in her speech “I do not hate white males.”

Which in my opinion she knew the way she is presenting her speech right away would rub off badly to some people out there, and gives the media a story and a headline in the process that takes away from her point she wants to express from her speech. One example is from Social Reviews site, who’s article came out after this speech was made an focus on only on her repeatedly saying ” I do not hate white males.” They use that quote as attacking while male critics, instead of what she was trying to say.

I my opinion I think Brie’s speech was off script and she was caught up in the moment by accepting a very important award that means a lot to her, and wanted to say something memorable and heroic since she was set to play a major superhero, as Captain Marvel. In my opinion I wish she spoke to her publicist or someone in her close circle to rehearse what she wanted to address in her speech.

That way the  importance of what Brie is trying to say is not ignored, and there’s no backlash, from the media. Another thing she could’ve done is wait until after her Captain Marvel movie is release world wide, and is hit with critics and the general audiences. That way when she wants to bring attention to a concerning issue or awareness. Brie would already have earn the trust of comic book fans from her performance as Carol Danver’s Captain Marvel, and gain a huge following for the character that way she would have more support in what she was trying to bring attention to.

Why is Brie’s controversial comments are brought to attention now and not during that time when she said them?

In my opinion I would guess there are people out there who want to see Brie Larson fail with Captain Marvel or Disney. My guess they probably were waiting a few weeks leading up to her movie to be release to bring what Brie said almost a year ago into a serious attention again in the spot light. By doing so they have split the comic book audiences up since the Carol Danver’s Captain Marvel has only been around for over fiver years now and many long time comic book fans probably didn’t read her Captain Marvel stories, and the character is making her debut outside of the comic book media in hoping to have the same success like the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie did with the general movie audiences.

In my opinion I still expect this movie to do financially well, because of the general audiences investment with the Marvel Cinematic Universe series, and this ties into the biggest anticipated film of 2019, The Avengers End Game movie that’s next after her film is release. I still plan to see Captain Marvel because I am looking forward to see how the MCU presents the Skrull, and how her movie connects to The Avengers End Game, since Captain Marvel will play an important role in that anticipated film.

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