Doom Patrol Pilot: Review

DC’s Doom Patrol made it’s series debut yesterday with it’s pilot episode on DC Universe app. For those who are curious about Doom Patrol TV series I can tell everyone the DC Universe app has found their third successful tv series on the app. (Minor Spoilers Below)


The pilot episode does a fantastic job reintroducing our three central characters Brandon Fraser’s Cliff aka Robot Man, Matt Bomer’s Larry aka Negative Man, and April Bowlby’s Rita aka Elasti-Woman. If you are not familiar with Doom Patrol, you don’t need to read the comic books to know who they are, because the pilot written by Jeremy Carver does a great job given audiances glimpses of our three main characters tragic origin story as to how they become who they are. In my opinion I think actor Timothy Dalton who replaced Bruno Bichir as Niles Caulder aka Chief, gives you a much better performance as Chief. His version of Cheif has a strong or intimidating presence when he comes interacting with the rest of the characters on screen.

Diane Guerrero’s Crazy Jane does make her debut in the last thirty minutes of the pilot. Her interactions with Robotman in my opinion you want to see more of because their chemistry is executed perfectly. Crazy Jane is obviously the rebellious of the group. Crazy Jane will be the chacater audience cannot get enough of in my opinion, because audience cannot predict what she will do next. We do meet our villain for this season Mr. Nobody, who is played by Andy Tudyk. The CGI look for Mr. Nobody and the action scenes are surprisingly very good.

What makes Doom Patrol very different from DC’s other tv series Titans, is that Doom Patrol is an established team but act as family first. Each character shares a special bond with one another, and looks out for one another like family, that I think audience will enjoy the most from Doom Patrol. Brandon Fraser’s Cliff aka Robotman is presented as the heart of Doom Patrol. Robotman gets the most of the screen time in the pilot.


For Teen Titans fans who wanted to see Joivan Wade’ s Cyborg. Sorry to disappoint he is not in the pilot, but Cyborg will make his debut in the second episode. It will be interesting how Cyborg fits after Doom Patrol’ s strong pilot episode.

OVERALL: 10/10

Doom Patrol embraces it’s weirdness, and a team that’s a family of misfitss. The first episode will let the audiance know what the direction an establishment the series is. DC Universe app has another giant success on their hands, and audience will be wanting more after watching the pilot episode.

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