My thoughts on the Possibility of Robert Pattinson playing the next Batman

Over the last week, many Batman fans have been losing their minds, after it was first reported by BossLogic. From his tweet Warner Brothers is seriously looking at Robert Pattinson to be their next Batman in Matt Reeves The Batman movie set to be release in June 25th, 2021. You can see his tweet below.

Since BossLogic’s tweet many Batman fans an general comic book fans have lost their minds and are split if he would be cast as the next Batman. In my opinion it does make sense if this is true, because it was reported a day after The Batman release date and Ben Affleck stepping down as the DCEU Batman was announced, by Justin Kroll from his tweet reporting that Warner Brothers is looking for a familiar face and Matt Reeves has a specific age for his next Batman will be. Robert Pattinson does fit with the familiar face and is 32 years old, so he will fit with this rumor.

I understand many fans freaking out if he would be cast as Batman, because of his connection to the Twilight franchise. However Twilight ended seven years ago, and since then Robert Pattinson has been working on the Indy scene. Through the Indy scene Robert has shown he can act, and be taking seriously. I would highly recommend readers to check out his movie Rover, Life, and most recently Good Times. Robert Pattinson has not done a blockbuster movie since Twilight, and has been distances himself tirelessly from Twilight by taking on main challenging roles in many Indy movies over the past 7 years. Check out the Rover and Good Times trailers below

My Thoughts 

I think if it was announced tomorrow that Robert Pattinson is cast as Bruce Wayne/Batman I would be very intrigued to see his take the same way I was when it was announced that Ben Affleck was cast as our next Bruce Wayne/Batman. I would be intrigued, because he is a very good actor, base on his recent movies I was recommend to check out, and Robert from those movies does take his acting roles very seriously. Robert Pattinson, in my opinion has some of that Heath Ledger in him, because Heath took on challenging roles to distance himself from teen movies he did, after 10 Things I hate about you and Knights Tale.

Robert Pattinson is very similar in height 6’1, and the same age 32, when Christian Bale was cast in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy, back in 2004. It would not surprise me if he is already unofficially cast as the next Batman, an this is Warner Brothers slowly testing the waters with fans, before officially making the big announcements later this year. He does have the mysterious dark features for Bruce Wayne, and he has the action chops to pull off Bruce Wayne and Batman. I believe the final casting decision will be made by Matt Reeves since he is on record that Warner Brothers is 100% supportive with his vision for his Batman film.

If Robert Pattinson is cast as the next Bruce Wayne/Batman in Matt Reeves The Batman movie, I believe fans should take a breather, because Matt Reeves from his recent interview from Hollywood Reporter, came off very positive for Batman fans if you have read or heard some of the quotes in the article of what Matt Reeves said. Unfortunately I think if it’s Robert Pattinson or someone else cast as Batman. I believe Half of the fans will still have an uproar over the casting, because we all have great casting choices in our heads, if it is not who fans are campaigning for will be upset. I would tell Batman fans regardless of who is cast as the next Batman, Matt Reeves knows the material and knows the direction he wants to take Batman next which I am very excited for.

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