The Flash 100 Episode: Review



Last Tuesday, season five of The Flash celebrated a series milestone of its 100th episode. The episode focuses on time travel and revisiting past events from past seasons. The title for season five episode eight is called ” What is Past Prologue?” Minor Spoiler Despite this being an aniversery episode. Episode eight continues to follow the main plot of this season.



What I did like about this episode is we see Nora Allen-West learning things about her dad Barry that she did unaware about from the Flash museum in her timeline 2049.  Nora witnessing past events battles with Savitar, Zoom and Reverse-Flash  made her at lost for words. She is starting to understand some of things her future parents Barry and Iris had to go through, and why they both over protect her.  I was very happy to see Harry Wells and original Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne again. Episode eight is directed by Tom Cavanagh, and his performance of playing the many different Harrison Wells is fantastic. I was very happy to see Cavanagh  play Eobard Thawne again, because his performance as the villain character is great.

I love the scenes when we see Tom Cavanagh playing Eobard Thawne again when future Barry visits him. The scenes Barry and Wells/Thrawne share brings back that exciting intention between the two of them shared in season one, better compared to Matt Letscher  as the Reverse- Flash. It appear this will not be the last of Tom Cavanagh playing a past Wells. Fans like myself will love seeing him again as a familiar Wells in the future of this season. I did enjoy the many call backs to season one, such as Grodd, and Cisico hinted death that happens  in season one.  The easter egg names Eobard Thawne mentions before he learns about Nora, brought a smile to my face as a long time Flash fan from the comics.



I am disappointed that the Cicada saga did not wrap up in this episode. The entire episode felt like a strong build up to the end of Cicada. I have not been impress with Cicada at all as his plot in season five has been flat. The other thing was being reminded that Tom Cavanagh is playing Sherloque Wells, whom I still can’t get behind at all. Tom Cavanagh is an underrated actor and this episode show’s how talented he is outside of playing the most unwatchable Sherloque Wells.




I am hoping the Cicada saga finishes very soon, because we learn a giant surprising twist at the end of  episode eight. I did enjoy episode eight and the many call backs, nods to the first two seasons. I was very happy to see Zoom, and Eobard Thawne back as Harrison Wells again since he is more of the real Reverse-Flash to myself and many fans of the show.



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