The Flash Season 5 Episodes 1 through 4: Review

I recently beinge watch the first four episodes of The Flash Season five, and wanted to share my thoughts of the season so far. Minor Spoilers Below

The premise of this season deals with the revelation of Nora West-Allen who’s the future daughter of Barry and Iris Allen, and has traveled back in the past. In the final episode of Season 4 Nora interfere with saving Centeral City and her father, after she interferes Nora triggered a serious butter fly affect of consequences in the timeline.

Nora is played by Jessica Parker Kennedy who brings a great energetic presence on to the show. This season villain is a physical threat to the Flash known as Cicada and is played by Chris Klein.


After watching the first four episodes the highlights to me is Sisco Valdes known as the Vibe, Joe West, Ralph Digby known as Eleganted Man, Nora West-Allen as XS, and of course Barry Allen as The Flash.

The show continues to display many references and Easter Eggs of the world of DC Universe. The show continues its light hearted tone that continue to succeed. Nora West-Allen brings a great rejuvenating presence the show really needs after a hit or a miss Season Four, and Three. One of the highlights was finally seeing the Flash ring and Barry wearing a very colorful red Flash suit that comes from the ring. This new Flash suit brings a silver age feel.

The villain of Cicada so far has a great physical presence that the show has lack since Season one. Only little revleations about Cicada is revealed. Episode three and four are highlight for Cicada.


Iris West-Allen, Caitlin Snow, Harrison Sherloque Wells, and Cicile Horton. Right now I feel like the show doesn’t have a clue on how to give Iris challenges besides giving her a strain relationship with her future daughter Nora. Caitlin Snow is giving a subplot about her dad who faked his death.

The subplot I feel like an eye roll, and is something that will be wrapped up quickly since it was announced Kyle Secor will play Thomas Snow and the villain Icicle in episode six. The new Wells we meet goes by Sherloque Wells with a French accent. I found this portrayal very annoying an not needed. Cilie Horton is moved into the main cast of Season five and she’s been a character the writer hasn’t figured out what to do yet besides her powers going on and off.

OVERALL 7.5/10

The Flash Season five appears to be very rejuvenating and fresh with new challenges for The Flash to go up against and new meta surprises that gives the show something fresh to work with. Episode one through three deals with the main plot for this season, and episode four, is a political episode dealing with fake news with revelations on meta humans and twist. Episode five will be aired two weeks after this week election is over.

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