Comic Con 2018 Marvel Recap

Even tho Marvel Studios was not Comic-Con 2018 this weekend. All other things Marvel from comics and other media platforms had some cool announcement to share. Here is a recap of what was announced by Marvel and related properties.

Marvel TV

Iron fist Season 2

It was announced it will be release this September 7 2018 I’m fan of Iron Fist, but season 1 was let down. I thought Danny Rad was much better in Defenders, and Luke Cage Season 2, hope Season 2 of Iron Fist is a lot better. Rumor has it Danny Rad will be wearing his Classic Iron Fist look in season 2 as we see Davos is wearing the mask.

So far Iron Fist Two looks promising.

Legion Season 3 is renewed

Legion follows Professor Xavier’ s son David. A detail season 3 trailer was released at comic con. You click on the link below from for trailer details

Cloak and Dagger renew for Season 2

The hit series has 2 episodes left, but it was announced season 2 will be back next year 2019

The Gifted Season 2

Comic-Con released the first trailer of season two, and announced the classic X-Men group Hellfire Club, Purifiers, and the character Morlocks will be featured in season two. You can click the link below for more details

Marvels Animation

Black Panther: Quest

During Marvels Animation they announced a Black Panther animated series called Black Panther Quest, and will feature all of the popular Black Panther supporting characters from the world of Wakanda will be featured.

Black Panther’s Quest will debut September 23rd on Disney XD

Marvels Spider-Man season 2

If you are a fan of this animated version of Spider-Man season two trailer was released. It is expected to have Kamala Khan who’s known as the current Ms Marvel, and Miles Morales Spider-Man and Spider Gwen.

For more details on both animated show click the link to CBR below.

Marvels Comic books

Spider-Gwen is now Ghost-Spider!

It was announced yesterday Gwen Stacy will go by Ghost-Spider going forward instead of Spider-Gwen.

Uncanny X-Men title returns!

It was announced that the uncanny X-Men title will be back as a monthly title in November 2018 no word on who is the creative team on the title. For more detail on both official comics book announcement at con click on below.

That’s all from Marvel

I am not going to mention the Venom and Spider-Verse panels as those are with Sony and not with Marvel. If I might have missed something my apologies.

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