WW84 is not a sequel

So much news from Warner Brothers today, but one of the big news that is slowly getting out from San Diego Comic-Con 2018 is Gal Godot, Chris and Patty Jenkins during their Wonder Woman 1984 panel in Hall H both says that Wonder Woman 1984 is not a sequel, but the next chapter in her story. Here are quotes from Gal, and Patty from CBR.com

“The upcoming second chapter in the Wonder Woman franchise isn’t exactly a “sequel. The way we look at this is not a sequel, it’s a new chapter, it’s a new story,” – Gal Godot

“I never want to do more of anything for the wrong reason…I don’t want to go to that place of ‘how do you keep it going and cash in?’ in my head. I have these characters that I love and this world that I love and we can make a whole new movie that’s completely unique and as strong as the first one? Of course I want to do that. But it’s not ‘more’ of anything, even though it’s evocative of everything that happened to the first one.” – Patty Jenkins

They are trying to be very careful with their words because they’re still filming Wonder Woman 1984, but like Aquaman, Shazam, and Warner Brothers announcing The Worlds of DC for their movie brand in hall H. In my opinion this is another hint that Warner Brothers is slowly moving a way from the direction that Zack Snyder started. I know Snyder has a producer credit to WW84, but it probably was in his contract before he was dismissed by Warner Brothers.

Some footage of Wonder Woman 1984 was displayed for the fans at comic con. Click the link below to CBR for more detail about the footage.


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