Remembering the Great Steve Ditko

Steve Ditko will always be best known for his co creation of Spider-Man and Doctor Strange from Marvel Comics. His art style was known to have a mysterious weirded tone, but it made a character appealing like Doctor Strange and his world. His art was very good when drawing mysterious horror in his work, and was displayed a lot for Doctor Strange and what made the character and his world appealing at the time. Especially with how trippy many of it was because it was a supernatural book. The second reason his art was appealing is by how he was able to draw figures that didn’t have to always look beautiful on paper, and it worked extremely well for Spider-Man. He drew a believable teenage nerd in Peter Parker, and was the architect for creating the famous Spider-Man costume, and Peter Parker’s web shooters. Steve co created many of Spider-Man’s well known villains such as Green Goblin, Doc Octopus, Electro, The Lizard, and Sandman.

His best work in my opinion is from Spider-Man issue thirty-three, because of how he drew Spider-Man’s physical emotion. He displayed all of Spider-Man’s emotional strength without using facial expression when Spider-Man was pinned in the sewers and used all of his strength to survive and to get out. As a reader or by looking at the visuals anyone can feel the emotional drain Spider-Man went through by looking at the Steve’s panels without reading the dialog. It was beautifully well drawn by Steve Ditko. It is considered one of the best defining moments for Spider-Man.

What people do not know is that he didn’t stay with Marvel Comics very long after that, and went to join Charlton Comics and DC Comics. Steve Ditko help revamp the Blue Beatle character as Ted Kord , co-created characters like Hawk and Dove whom will be making their live action debut on Titians from the DCU app in the fall, he co-created Captain Atom, and created a mysterious characters such as The Creeper and The Question. The Question and The Creeper are best known to be featured in the Bruce Timm’s Batman New Adventures, and Justice League Unlimited animated series in the early 2000’s.

He did do some more work with DC Comics later in the 70’s and worked more with the supernatural characters like his creation of the Creeper, and work with Boston Brand. He did creating a few lesser known characters such as Shade the Changing Man, but was done after that with DC Comics, and worked with many independent comic book companies, and freelances with Marvel comics in the 80’s and early 90’s on and off. He wasn’t seen or heard much from after that.

Below on YouTube Jonathan Ross from BBC did a special on where is Steve Ditko.

It is sad that another creator in comic books has passed away. The sad part he was one of the original creators who help created the well-known Marvel Universe. Steve Ditko will be remembered for the way he drew supernatural and mysterious figures from his art work. He will be remembered for giving us the imagination to all fans that anyone can be Spider-Man, because of the famous costume he design. Steve Ditko will live on through his legacy of comic book work he left behind. Thank you Steve Ditko for all of your amazing art you brought to life in the world of comic books and media.

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