Geoff Johns will have more creative input on DC Films

Today it was officially announce from Warner Bros, that Comic Book and film writer Geoff Johns will step down from his title role at DC Entertainment and will become seriously involved as a writer and (Creative) producer going forward in all mediums of DC Comics and will be worked under his production company Mad Ghost Productions. The first from Mad Ghost Productions will be Green Lantern Corps Co staring Hal Jordan and John Stewart. The film will be written and “creatively” produce by Geoff Johns himself.

(My Opinion)

In a lot ways this is great news if you are a fan of all things DC Comics. Over the weekend there has been a lot of official role changing announcements over at DCE, and Warner Bros. We now know today why those changes happen. What it means if you’re DC Comics fan or casual fan is that Geoff Johns has decided to drop his title role over at DCE and wants to be the guy heavily involve in being a serious part of making sure these iconic DC Comics characters are done right on the big screen. It also means that Geoff Johns has full creative control over the Green Lantern Corps film since his production company will be taking creative control, after the film was announce almost 4 years ago. Geoff Johns is well known for making the Green Lantern mythology relevant again in the comic books and his Green Lantern title is one of his biggest achievements in his Comic Book career as a writer.

What this also means is that David S. Goyer who was attached as the co-writer for the Green Lantern Corps film is officially out, since his name was not mention, and the film is now fully under Geoff Johns and will be going into a different direction. Since the collapse of Batman v. Superman, Warner Brothers tried to salvage Justice League but failed, because of what Zack Snyder did to their big name characters Batman and Superman. Many of those major players who were behind BvS has resign since the backlash of their direction, and under perform at the box office. Since Green Lantern came out back in 2011 Geoff Johns was only a consultant on that film, and for the last 6 years has been a consultant for any of the DC Films, most likely because Warner Brothers did not view Geoff Johns as a film writer but only a comic book guy.

However Geoff Johns for the last 6 years has been a part of making a lot of creative choices on Arrow series, The Flash series, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and Black Lightning. All of those tv series has succeed expectations since season one. Geoff will have big creative part on the Titans, Doom Patrol, and Swamp Thing live action series that will be part the DCU app in late August of 2018. What he has done with Greg Berlanti with the DC Comics TV series, and co-writing the Aquarman film coming out in December. Geoff will have co-writing credit to Wonder Woman84 that comes out next December of 2019. Behind the scene it looks as Warner Brothers is finally giving Geoff Johns a chance in have a big says over their DC Comic properties in movies. Shazam film that comes out in 2019 will be base off his story told in the comic books back in 2013

As long as nobody with a big title over at Warner Brothers interferes with what Geoff Johns creative choices in the DC Films, I think Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment will have a positive direction in the future. My guess Geoff Johns will have a lot of creative influences over Henry Cavil’s Superman sequel, Flash film, Nightwing, Batgirl, Birds of Prey, Suicide Squad 2, and many more DC Comic properties that he will have produce credit on, and hopefully help move into the next direction.

As of right now the only DC Films that will be officially coming out with in the next two years are Aquaman, Shazam, Wonder Woman 84, The Batman, and maybe a Green Lantern Corps film co staring Hal Jordan and John Stewart. Hopefully Warner Brothers have move into the right direction with this move. Until then we will have to wait until San Diego Comic-Con to learn anything new from DC Films.

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